L U shape Molybdenum Disilicide MoSi2 Heating Element use in Furnace

STA 1800 molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 heating element used in furnace and kiln., Include 1700, 1800, 1900 Grade - details see: https://www.machineto.com/l-u-shape-molybdenum-disilicide-mosi2-heating-element-use-in-furnace-10245899
Condition:NewType:Air HeaterPower Source:ElectricPlace of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:STAModel Number:6/12/150/200Dimension(L*W*H):300x200x500Weight:1.5
Voltage:220Power(W):1500Certification:CEWarranty:12 months
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center availableColar:Gray  
L U shape Molybdenum Disilicide MoSi2 Heating Element use in Furnace
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STAMoSi2 Electric Furnace Heating Element isHigh temperature MoSi2 Heating Element.

The leading products of the company Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element Type TC-1700 and TC-1800 elements are high-tech products researched and developed by experts from China and abroad.

MoSi2 heating element can quickly form a thin and adhesive anti-oxidizing layer of quartz glass (SiO2), under the high temperature oxidizing condition. If the protective layer was damaged, the element can reform a new one, so MoSi2 heating elements have a very good anti-oxidation properties, it also means that the heating element can be used on operation for a much longer time than the traditional one.

The resistivity of the Mosi2 heating element is not changing with the time, so a new one can be installed without effecting the old one. This can result of the huge saving in furnace maintenance fee sand time as well, increase the working efficiency. This is the key point of Mosi2 heating element being a better material and being widely used.

STA MoSi2 heating element is a resistance generate-heating component made from MoSi2 or the basic material. It is used in high temperature under the oxidizing atmosphere, it looks like glass in its surface and form a light SiO2 glass film which can protect the element not to be oxidized. So this kind of element has unique effect for resisting oxidization in the high temperature. It is used to the highest temperature up to 1800C during oxidizing atmosphere. According to your request, our company can produce the products of Pole, "U", "W" and "U"-right angle shapes, etc.

MoSi2 heating element can usually make use of furnace temperature from 1300C to 1800C. It is extensively used in the industries of metallurgy, glass, ceramic refractory, crystal electronic device, industrial furnace manufacture, etc.. It is an essential ideal element when the products are sintering in the high temperature.

Physics Characters

Volume DensityBending StrengthVickers HardnessPorosityWater absorptionHeating Elongation Rate
5.5 g/cm315-25 kg/cm3(HV)570kg/mm27.4%1.2%4%

Order sample:

d=6mm, c=12mm, Le=200mm, Lu=180mm, a=30mm

Please specify as: dia6/12x200x180x30mm (dia d/cxLexLuxa mm)

d = the diameter of hot zone

c = the diameter of cold zone

Le = the length of hot zone

Lu = the length of cold zone

Chemistry Character
MoSi2 heating element is used in the high temperature under oxidizing atmosphere. It will form the SiO2 film which can keep the element from being melted. During the oxidizing process, the SiO2 protecting film is formed again when the element continues to be used. The MoSi2 heating element must not be used in the temperature between 400C and 700C for a long time, otherwise the element will be cremated under the strong oxidizing function in the low temperature.

Voltage control
In order to prolong the service life of heating elements and keep them in the best working situation, the working voltage should be carefully controlled in accordance with formula U=

Surface loading

Molybdenum Disilicide heating elements can withstand higher surface loading than Silicon Carbide heating elements and Metallic heating elements, the curves show in Fig right, which apply to free radiating Torch TC-1700 indicates surface loading vs furnace temperature and elements temperature. The shadow part shows the range of custom Surface loading vs Temperature.

L U shape Molybdenum Disilicide MoSi2 Heating Element use in Furnace
Packaging Detail:wooden box
Delivery Detail:5--10 days

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