knitting and weaving tenter machine

The tenter machine is used for both natural fiber and chemical fiber. and both for woving and knitting fabrics. - details see:
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Asia StarModel Number:YXLD2800Machine Type:finishing machine
Product:knitting and woven finishingCondition:NewCertification:Other 
knitting and weaving tenter machine
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Machine character

lEquip infra-red centering controller in infeeding side, auto centering

executor is in slide mode, action is stable, response is very smart, very suitable for correcting the high speed movement fabrics. The centering roller surface is with little friction and little tension, very good for the fabrics surface(no harm to the fabrics)

lEquip padder(optional) behind the infra-red center device, squeezing

roller is horizontal structure, pneumatic discharge waste liquid. All the turning shafts inside the liquid trough are made of stainless steel.mixed the paste inside the liquid trough, through the high pressure rubber roller, the paste is pressed into the fiber, which made the fabrics uniform inside and outside, though adjusting the cylinder pressure, the pressure on the squeezing roller will be adjusted, squeezing out the extra liquid from the fabrics. Then core of the squeezing roller is made of steel, covered by special glue from America, the squeezing ratio is uniform, there is a stainless steel spreading shafe in the infeed part, driven by motor separately.

lEquip manual weft correct--adjusting roller, which can correct the screw

weft that occurred in the precious procedure, after treated by the roller, the weft direction will be in parallel. Cooperate with the stenting rail, with a different speed to correct the fabrics weft.

lPneumatic spreader to flat the curled edges before pin

on (teeth plate spreader or four fingers spreader are optional). Our screw spreader adopts advanced technical, noise is lower and action is much more accuracy.

lInfra-red auto edge detector and tracing system, which guarantee the fabrics pin on correctly, the width of the pin can be controlled within 10mm, The executor response speed is adjustable, executor accuracy also can be adjusted, different type fabrics can be used different parameter.

lThe wool brush wheel overfeed and pin, right side and left side are driven by the separately motor ,controlled by the inverter, overfeeding rate is -20%~+30%,after the fabrics pin on and before entering the heat setting chamber, equip active fabrics--support system, whose speed is the same as the main speed, so we can guarantee the quality is uniform for the whole pieces of fabric .

lRight and left stenting frame drive by separately inverter motor, can be in slight difference speed, which can cooperate with the weft straighter to correct the weft. We set thermal expansion self-compensating device,the all the actuator are controlled by pneumatic components,no need manual adjustment, save labour.

lCan equip gumming box, fabrics edge dryer, cutting, sucking device according to the customers requirement.

lThe stenter frame has stainless steel steaming box, which equip plastic mask in front and back of the stenter frame in order to block the steaming to avoid the steam interfere the edge inspector works normally.

lThe heating chambers are heated by thermal oil , set the temperature and control automatically. Provide hot air by centrifugal blower circularly. Equip moisture exhaust system in the top of the chambers.

lFabric exit equip cool air system, and equip cool air volume adjust device.

lExit in plaiting, at the same time we have non stop rolling device.

lThe horizontal stenter frame are consist of steel rail, alloy slide path ,manganese steel chains, copper pin plate, nickel plating pin and so on.

lThe fabrics exit by plaiting mode and operate without stop the machine.

lAdjust the speed of the machine by inverter, people-computer operation system. PLC programme controlled.

lThe centrifugal blowers are in staggered order each chamber, so the temperature inside is much more uniform, temperature control is much more accuracy, there are two centrifugal motors each chamber and has their own separately air path, so the air volume and air speed of the upper and neither air path can be adjusted separately, users can adjust according to their requirements.

lEvery heating chambers equip one width adjust device, the width adjust volume is visual, all the adjusting motors are controlled separately and adjusted without stop the machine,equip plait angle spacing system.

lEquip hot air escape system when the machine has faulty and stop, so the system can protect the fabrics from damage because of the high temperature machine stop, the execute devices are all pneumatic components, action is fast and stable

Packaging Detail:plastic
Delivery Detail:3month

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