Jiexun the hot selling ccd quartz sand color sorter

quartz sand color sorter:, 1.2048 pixel camera, 2.99.99% sorting accuracy, 3.LED light 10-30% power consumption - details see: http://www.machineto.com/jiexun-the-hot-selling-ccd-quartz-sand-color-sorter-10229816
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:jiexunModel Number:CCD-K5quartz sand color sorter:quartz sand processing machine
Jiexun the hot selling ccd quartz sand color sorter
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Jiexun the hot selling ccd quartz sand color sorter:

  1. Using 2048 true color CCD linear array camera, recognition accuracy up to 0.08mm, and take machine vision into production in this industry;
  2. Using linear array image scanning technology ,high-speed intelligent image acquisition system;
  3. Using the most advanced U.S. TERA FPGA technology for programming device, and the embedded software operation platform make system more stable, response faster and function more powerful;
  4. The system is added to special algorithm, such as shape selection, and area algorithm, to solve problems like sorting some kinds of beans according to their shape ,color ,and area at the same time and expand the scope of application of color sorter ,and make multi-function ,multi species of color sorting come true;
  5. Using the most advanced LED optics technique in the world, machine has longer life ,better uniformity, more wide color areas, and lower power consumption, the power consumption is only 10-30% for general lighting ;
  6. Using different slide according to different materials, no need to change light source, and it is suitable for a variety of industrial products, beans, nuts, grains and other particles and sheet material;
  7. Using of V type ,U type ,flat slide ,and special technology to ensure product stability and reliability.
  8. Integrating more than 10 global exclusive patent technology


Sorting Accuracy











Note:Subject to different sizes,specific gravities,friction factors,rules of surface,oiliness,viscidity and impurities of raw material,parameters listed above table will change to some extend,which are reference for you choosing a suitable model

Packaging Detail:WOODEN CASES
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks

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