INI low speed high torque hydraulic radial piston motor

1.Great interchangebility, 2.High efficiency and reliability, 3.long lifetime, 4.hydraulic radial piston motor - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:INIModel Number:IPM series 
INI low speed high torque hydraulic radial piston motor
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Company Introduction

We're one of leading manufacturers in China who are specialized in designing and manufacturing hydraulic winches,
hydraulic motors, hydraulic slewing drives, planetary gearboxes, travel motors and wheel motors, hydraulic capstans,
hydraulic power units, and hydraulic pumps.

With strong research and development capability, we have achieved 14 invention patents and 30 practical innovation patents.
Meanwhile, we have more than 250 sets of advanced production and inspection equipment, which ensures the quality of
our products.

Our products have been widely used in Offshore Application, Agriculture Industry, Fishing Equipment, Construction Machinery,
Petroleum Industry, Coal Mining, Geological Prospection, Marine Application, Metallurgical Engineering, Light Industry,
as well as Environmental Protection and other industries.

As a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier, we have a dominating market share in China, and we also enjoy an increasing
market share worldwide. Our products have been exported to:

-Europe: UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
-North America: USA, Canada
-South America: Brazil, Argentina
-Russia, Australia,Turkey, Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, Korea and other countries in the world.

Product description

IPM series are fixed displacement hydraulic radial piston motor. Our motor range varies from 56 cc/rev to 22857 cc/rev displacement.

Main features of the motors are as follows:

• high mechanical/volumetric efficency, high starting torque.

• good stability and reliability.

• long lifetime, low noise.

• compact design, light weight.

• good sealing capability,low leakage


They can be widely applied in hydraulic transimission system in the line of mining and construction machinery,hoist and transport vehicle,heavy metallurgical ,petroleum and coal mine,ship and deck machinery,lath,light industry,plastic machinery and geology equipment.In particular ,they could be well suitable in driving screw rod of injection machine,hoisting winches and capstans,drum,slew drives,caterpillar and wheel drives.

Main features are as follows:

Relevant technical date:

Table 1

Table 2:

options example:

IPM3-300D31 represents that the motor is the 3 series unit of IPM hydraulic motor, The nominal

displacement is 300ml/rev, the output shaft is standard rectangle spline shaft, and distributor model

is D31 without tachometer. Please fill in the complete code options when ordering. If there are any specific requests, please noted in detail in delivery contract or contract our company.

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Packaging Detail:standard seaworthy packing suitable for long-distance transportation.
Delivery Detail:10 days

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