Industrial water cooled screw flooded water chiller (280-1600kw cooling capacity)

1.Flooded evaporator, high efficiency, 2.Energy efficiency rate 5.45, 3.Comprehensive security protection, 4.Easy installation - details see: //
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:HAYEModel Number:HYS-310WMS2~HYS-1860WMD2
Cooling Capability(kw):73.5--234.2kwVoltage:380VDimension(L*W*H):(3600mm 1300mm 1650mm) (5100mm 1850mm 2050mm)Weight:3535--7600kg
Certification:CE,ROHSWarranty:1 year guaranteeProduct Type:Industrial Chiller 
Industrial water cooled screw flooded water chiller (280-1600kw cooling capacity)
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Superior Performance

1.The main International advanced semi-closed screw compressor in which electric motor and compressor are organically integrated to ensure no leakage of the shaft sealing.

2.The control programs for start and stoppage are applied to double or multiple compressors so as to balance the load and extend the service life of each component.

3.High efficiency flooded evaporator, adopt the electric expansion valve and energy saving hole plate to adjust the flow rate of the refrigerant and the liquid position change of the evaporator.

4.The first and second oil separation with the combine of machinery and the adsorption give the more assurance of the back oil.

5.Several refrigeration circuits are provided for double or more compressors. When one circuit needs maintenance, other circuits can work properly as alternative circuits.

6.The compressor is started with unloading and decompression to avoid the impact to the power grid.

7.With low noise, little libration. To protect the environment, we also supply the R407c or R134a type of refrigerant.

Comprehensive Security Protection

1.Pressure Protection: high pressure protection and low pressure protection

2.Electric Motor Protection: lost voltage protection, incomplete phase protection, reverse phase protection ,overload protection overheating protection

3.Anti-freezing Protection: the unit shall be stopped when the freezing water temperature is too low.

4.Safety Valve Protection: when the refrigerant pressure exceeds the given value, the safety relief valve will be automatically started.

5.All the aforementioned protection can ensure the unit a safe and stable operation.

Low Cost for Operation and Maintenance

1.Adopt high performance screw compressor and newly high efficiency heat exchanger, full load energy-efficiency rate can reach 5.45, this will make the cost much lower.

2.The unit can be controlled by intelligentized program in accordance with the needs of the load. 100%,75%, 50%, 25% (start up), 0. or 10%~100% without class control. By so doing, the energy can be saved.

3.The number of all components of screw compressor is 10% of the reciprocating compressor. The former is structurally simple, with fewer vulnerable components. Besides, it is not equipped with inlet and outlet valve and is of extremely low failure rate due to its low insensitivity to humidity itinerary.

4.The screw compressor can run for 40,000 hours without any failure.

The feature of Screw Compressor

1.Low speed directly driving, only three parts running, Fluorine-resistant electric motor of high efficiency and reliability imported from France

2.The latest 5-6 asymmetrical gear form of the third generation

3.Four-section volume control or no section control continuous capacity adjustment unloading control system, no asthma libration,

4.Equipped with German FAG and Swedish SKF high-precision bearing

5.Shiwoer effect oil separator

6.Low vibration and noise

Supply the Total Cooling Water System

1. Supply the total cooling water system design and the main parts of the system,

2. More choices for the brand of the parts of the chiller,

3. Give Best plan for your industrial cooling water system project, including the selection, project drawings.

Strong wooden packaging:

Packaging Detail:To be packed in strong wooden case(s), suitable for long distance ocean freight transportation and to change of climate, well protected against moisture and shocks.
Delivery Detail:30 days after receipt the 30% advance

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