WALK-IN COLD ROOMS, COLD STORAGES., Modular panels in any size., Montage in the place. - details see:
Condition:NewTemperature:-18 / -22 C degreePlace of Origin:TurkeyBrand Name:VITAL [MUTAS GROUP]
Voltage:220/380 V 50 HzPower(W):0.75 hp - 4 hp ~~Dimension(L*W*H):in any sizeCertification:Food Safety System 1006
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Double-side sheet metal panels insulated with polyurethane.

Panel depth 80-100 mm for cold rooms (-5 / +5 C.DEGREE).

Panel depth 120-150 mm for deepfreese rooms (-18 / -22 C.DEGREE).

Modular, movable and easily assembled panels.

Panels producable in any size

Coated and decontiminated panel surfaces eliminating dust, molt, smell, bacteria and other substances.

Ecofriendly and non-toxic meterial.

SAFE QUALITY FOOD 1006(Food Safety System) covers interior and extrerior surfaces and ceiling panels.

Panels made of polyurethane walls within Polyester (PVC) coated galvanized steel sheets. (No Heat, No Smell, Minimum Energy Consumption)

Instead of PVC, Stainless steel walled models available.

The floor panels made of stainless steel or non-skid pattern plywood material.

Door dimensions:

*70x170 cm – 90x190 cm intervals

*100x200 cm – 250x300 cm range of sliding doors.

Doors lockable both inside and outside.

40-42 kg/m3density polyurethane foam.

Fire resistance B3 classification polyurethane substance.

Safe Quality Food 1006

ISO 9001:2000

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE)



Higher Efficiency and Effectivenes:

Huge sized meat storage areas are porjected and settled.

Industrial cold storages varify

In accordance to product storage conditions, environmental conditions, and the area size. We are capable of producing storage units and rooms that meets the needs of integrated facilities, pharmaceutial and chemical industry, since we are able to produce any size, desired degree and dimensions. We, as VITAL MUTFAK, have been meeting the needs of such industries in Turkey and worlwide for almost 15 years. We not only produce but also conduct turn-key projects and motage-in-place.

ModelProduct NameCodeSize (mm)m3EnergyCompressor Power (hp)Cooling Capacity (W)
VSHD-N01Cold Room7804011600x1600x24004,00220 V 50 Hz0,75647
VSHD-N02Cold Room7804021600x2400x24006,35220 V 50 Hz0,75647
VSHD-N03Cold Room7804031600x3600x24009,87220 V 50 Hz1.51.285
VSHD-N04Cold Room7804042400x2400x240010,08220 V 50 Hz1.51.285
VSHD-N05Cold Room7804052400x3600x240015,68380 V 50 Hz32.518
VSHD-N06Cold Room7804062400x4800x240021,28380 V 50 Hz32.518
VSHD-N07Cold Room7804073600x3600x240024,39380 V 50 Hz32.518
VSHD-N08Cold Room7804083600x4800x240033,09380 V 50 Hz53.687
VSHD-N09Cold Room7804093600x6000x240041,80380 V 50 Hz53.687
VSHD-N10Cold Room7804104800x4800x240044,91380 V 50 Hz53.687
VSHD-N11Cold Room7804114800x6000x240056,73380 V 50 Hz53.687
VSHD-N12Cold Room7804124800x7200x240068,55380 V 50 Hz74.702


Our high quality and competitive products are exported throughout 5 continents.

The guarantee of our quality is our references whose number can be expressed by hundreds. If you would like to see the list of references, please visit our web page.

In addition, we conduct turnkey projects. You don’t have to struggle with markets. Just let us do everything for you.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


1 10 pieces be delivered for shipment in 10 days.

SOME SAMPLE PICTURES FROM COLD ROOM AND STORAGE PROJECTS (Please visit our website for reference lists)

Packaging Detail:cardboarded, isolated via polyethylene and wooded, clinched. Ability to produce in any size and dimension.
Delivery Detail:1-10 pieces be delivered for shipment in 10 days.

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