hydroseeding machine for grass seed spray

hydroseeding machine for grass seed spray, Far lift-120m, Thick slurry, once spraying 30mm, Large flowing particles-20mm - details see: http://www.machineto.com/hydroseeding-machine-for-grass-seed-spray-10187657
Condition:NewType:HR-HKPUse:slope greening machinePlace of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HRModel Number:HKPApplication:slope greening machine 
hydroseeding machine for grass seed spray
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hydroseeding machine for grass seed spray

Application: Hydroseeding machine is mainly used for Slope stabilization seeding and greening, highway slope protection, planting grass by spraying seeds. etc.

Use of diesel-driven,focused on electronic control,simple to operate,especially suitble for field work, applicable to all kinds of rock,hard soil,poor soil,acidic soil,arid zones,coastal dam to plant growth and so difficult to place green spray broadcast.

1.Exclusive special trinity pump,power,and efficiency may be pumping high concentration and high viscosity of the mud.

2.First double-mixing mode,paddle mechanical agitation and circulation jet mixing,so that mixture in the mixing process in a full-suspension,mixing evenly,to improve the late survival rate, a result of mixing big power ,can greatly join the local soil,to reduce production cost.

3.Export long-distance,range and lift China's first,reduce costs,improve safety factor,reducing climbing and reduce the construction risk,and more fan-shapped nozzle patented technology to improve work efficiency.

4.Can be configured to granular high-order special equipment,construction method for high-sub-granular,and by virtue of a uniqe technology,more effective protection of the higher-emitting granular fiber drawing, give full lay to high-order granular effect,more conducive to the production of grasses,shrubs effects such as slope-fixing plants.

5.Fully humanized design,simple,efficient,oval-shaped tank design,which greatly reduce the transportation impact,and improve the mixing area,without leaving any dead,so that full use of the materials,the total valves and positive,down,neutral gear design,to make repairs,maintenance,maintenance is more convenient.

Technical parameters

Diesel PowerKW6278110
Max Headm60100120

Packaging Detail:Standard Export Packages
Delivery Detail:15 days after receiving the deposit

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