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Condition:NewType:Flotation SeparatorPlace of Origin:Jiangxi China (Mainland)Brand Name:Naipu
Model Number:75-838   
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A hydrocyclone is a device that separates mixture of uneven fluids, and it is a device that achieves the separation of two or multiple phases based on the density differential of two or multiple phases with the function of centrifugal force. Due to it that the strength of the centrifugal field is higher than that of the gravitational field, the separation efficiency of the hydrocyclone is higher than that of a gravity classifying device. Therefore, spiral classifiers applied frequently in the past have been replaced by hydrocyclones.

Structure of a hydrocyclone:

The casing and inner rubber liner of a hydrocyclone are two separate units so as to facilitate the replacement of worn parts, in this way it lowers the production costs for the customer compared with using an integrated structure of both the casing and the inner liner as one unit. Besides, an automatic gate valve conveniently operated is installed at the in-let of the cyclone so as to facilitate the operation at a faulty situation.

Research and Development of Equipment:

Due to the high flowing velocity of the fluid inside a hydrocyclone, the inner wall of the casing tend to be worn away more quickly. Considering this issue, we have researched and developed a new composition that suits the inner liner of a hydrocyclone – highly wear-resistant rubber, which significantly extents the service life of the hydrocyclone. In order to meet the different demands for use by our customers, the following cyclone clusters with seven different specifications are our main products:

Specification (mm)Φ600Φ500Φ380Φ350Φ250Φ125Φ75
Quantity of cyclones in each cluster (piece)4-64-64-64-84-84-124-12

The physical characteristics are as the following:

ColorRed (LINATEX rubber)Black (NAIPU rubber)
Type of polymerNative rubberNative rubber
Tensile strength26.6Mpa27MPa
Extensibility (breaking)%810%≥800%
Permanent deformation78
Tearing strength44N/mm44N/mm
S. G.0.971.15
Temperature range-40 deg C~ +70 deg C-20 deg C ~ +75 deg C

Technical performance and specifications are tabulated as follows:

Specification (mm)Φ600Φ500Φ380Φ350Φ250Φ125Φ75
Cylinder ID (mm)66050038035025015075
Cylinder height (mm)600450330310250210100
Cone angle α(°)202020202010.2010
Capacity V m3/h (at P0=0.1Mpa )157-58069-48051-20030-16816-1109-511.8-6.9
Maximum particle size μm in O/F (at δ=2.7t/ m3)60-25050-20045-16040-15030-10020-5010-20
Feed line square inlet (mm)340x340280x280200x200180x180130x130100x10050x50
Feed line diameter (mm)Φ150Φ130Φ96Φ90Φ65Φ32-Φ40Φ17
Apex ID (mm)Φ64 -Φ180Φ48-Φ150Φ36-Φ100Φ34-Φ95Φ24 –Φ75Φ12 -Φ34Φ8 –Φ17
Vortex finder ID (mm)Φ250Φ160Φ125Φ112Φ82Φ40 –Φ50Φ22
Packaging Detail:standard I/E package
Delivery Detail:30 days

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