hydraulic governor

1.microcomputer governor, 2.Power supply:AC,DC duplicate supply, 3.permanent speed droop:0 ~ 10%, 4.Operation methods:man&aut - details see: http://www.machineto.com/hydraulic-governor-10233603
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:EMCCMotor Type:AC Motorelectric:power
hydraulic governor
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The CJT series impact type hydraulic turbine microcomputer velometer, besides has the normal regulated flow to spurt the needle, but also has may the quick disconnect current capacity booklet director, has overcome traditional ordinary velometer's many flaws. In recent years, we utilized advanced programmable and the modern hydraulic control technology, developed successfully the new impact type hydraulic turbine velometer, not only technological advance, and the organization simplified, improved the adjustment quality and the complete machine reliability greatly. Is suitable attacks hydraulic engine's regulating control in the single spray nozzle and the multi-spray nozzles.
The BYWT series velometer is take the microcomputer as controller's parallel PID velometer, is suitable in the interflow type, the axialflow decides the thick liquid type and transfers the thick liquid type hydraulic turbine. Its main static state and the dynamic target achieves the domestic advanced level. The double power source separately to the double computer power supply parallel operation, 48 engineering data in 20 millisecond internal phase intercommunication news examination and the multistage automatic protections, enables the velometer to have the very high reliability. The completely automatic system and part's modular structure, causes the operation and the service great convenience, only changes the software to be possible to change the control program. Then may realize the entire power plant computer control with the instruction computer networking, very easy to realize the high-level control. Also suits to the old unit's transformation.

The YT series mechanical hydraulic pressure automatic speed governer has the structure to be compact, the installment, the use service is convenient. Is suitable in the interflow, the axialflow type water wheel unit's adjustment and the different accent axis installment shows to, but also leads the water organization suitably the different switch direction. This velometer is loaded with restores vital energy automatically the installment. Satisfied had not been mad that the source the hydroelectric power station need, was equipped with the reliable protective device.

The HYZ series flowing tubing head pressure installment, Our company according to the national unification design standard to produce. Has the standardized degree to be high, structure compact and so on characteristics, to satisfy the different user need, develops the HYZ series separation formula flowing tubing head pressure installment newly. The precise design, the specialized production, the strict quality control, has guaranteed the flowing tubing head pressure equipment safety handling.

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