HOT selling SW-T862++ Automatic BGA Rework Station --Infrared SMD rework station

1.Three focus lenses, 2.Integrated and adjustable Infrared, 3.Fast shipping from USA/GER/GBR, 4.infrared heating, 5.easy operate - details see:
Type:Soldering StationCondition:NewPlace of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name:SANWIN
Model Number:SW-T862++Weight:15KGUsage:Repair IC or mainboard of mobile phone, laptop, computer, game consoOutput power:800W
Rated voltage and frequency:AC110V/60Hz / AC220V/50HzInfra-red lamp body temperature:100°C-350°CPreheating dish temperature:60°C-200°C 
HOT selling SW-T862++ Automatic BGA Rework Station --Infrared SMD rework station
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Brand new SW-T862++ IRDA Rework Station

Main Features

1.Unlike Air Re-Work systems, The T-862++ uses an Infrared source and optics to target heat to individual components without dislodging other SMT parts by way of eddies air currents.
2.Infrared soldering technology with independent exploration capabilities viathree(3) focus lenseswhich are included with the package
3.Technician focused infrared heat is easy to target most component removal/replacement and re-work.
4.The Workstation has a120×120mm a 800Wcontrolled Pre-heating System
5.Infrared heat source bulbs are long-lived, in-expensive and easily replaced.
6.Processor controlled set-point regulated temperatures with thermocouple feed-back.
7.Integrated and adjustable Infrared (IR) eye protection.
8.Can suitable for the entire component, especially Micro BGA component.
9.The T-862++ system also contains a temperature controlled touch-up iron and stand.
10.Extra soldering tools are not necessary to solder/unsolder and re-work Surface Mount Technology(SMT) components15-35cm in size

11.Training is illustrated in factory provided video.

12.Fast shipping .Can ship fromUSA,GBR,GER.

Technic parameter

Standard Iron TipAT-900M
Working VoltageAC110V/60Hz / AC220V/50Hz
Output power800W
Infra-red lamp body temperature adjustable100°C-350°C
Preheating Area120*120mm (Max.)
Preheating dish temperature adjustable60°C-200°C
soldering area35x35mm

Instrument inventory

T-862++ Chassis1
PCB Board holder1
936 Searing-iron1
936 searing-iron rack1
Lamp Body and Lens(D=28mm)1
Eye protection(IR Filter)1
Cell guide1
Focus holder1
Focus holder control knob1
Fasten nut for focus holder1
Steady ring1
Fasten nut for steady ring1
Power Cable (110VAC or 200VAC)1
5mm Fuse, 10A 250VAC (Spare)1
CD User Manual w/Video1
Detailed English instructions and illustrations1


♥At all times – Insure the light body cooling fan is unobstructed and clean.

♥Use a little machine oil. Lubricate the focus holder and cell guide to inhibit rusting, keep them ease to operate.


♦The T862++ System creates temperatures in excess of high degrees via Infrared Light. Wear appropriate eye protection or any device within

♦The T862++ system when using this machine. After use, Do not cut the power immediately, confirm the light body is cool-to-touch, Turn off the power switch, then place the system in airiness & safety storage.
♦Do NOT use this system or any associated device in an environment conducive to fire or electrical overload.

♦Disconnect the AC Power Plug when not in use.

Packaging Detail:Original box
Delivery Detail:within 5 days after receiving the payment

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