hosiery machine

hosiery machine,, computerized hosiery machine,, socks knitting machine,, JINHENG 6F, ISO9001/14001, CE - details see: http://www.machineto.com/hosiery-machine-10270787
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:JinhengModel Number:WD2001Dhosiery machine:computerized hosiery machine
socks knitting machine:automatic socks knitting machine   
hosiery machine
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hosiery machine,
computerized hosiery machine,
socks knitting machine,
JINHENG 6F, ISO9001/14001, CE


WD2001D-5F/6F numerical control computer system is innovated by Jinheng through many years research and development. The function is more powerful than the imported counterparts, more competitive in reliability and price.

WD2001D-5F/6F computer system:

1 Chinese and English display, large LCD display shows both character and figure.

2 Capacity of memory is 1M, can store many patterns.

3 Can input 2 patterns and 2 program files.

4 Computer control system can drive at most 6 ways of needle, 16 knives and 64 ways of air valve.

5 Pattern and program data can be input/ output by disk.

6 Equipped the UPS system can memory the current program and knitting action if transience power off. When the power restored, it can continue knitting to avoid any loss or wastage.

7 Password-protection for parameter setup, to avoid the inadvertent change or unallowed modification, improve the reliability and safety.


1) Single sock can be feed with one main color and 5 pattern colors.

2) Each row horizontal or vertical is available with 13 colors.

3) Non-drum, fully electronic control weaving system.

4) Keeping high speed running to improve the inner triangle system.

5) Adjust yarn tension and weaving density by stepping motor.

6) Yarn and triangle system are electronic control.

7) Max range of pattern is 1200 rows.

8) Auto-protect the computer and electronic components by sensor device.

9) Auto oil feeder for needle reading and speed system.

10) Pattern design program compatible with all the computer system (MS-DOS/ WINDOWS).

11) Available in three-phase source of 220/415V and 50/60Hz.

12) Universal accessories easily repaired and can be replaced with other models.

13) Automatic zero set when power on.

14) Memory current program if transitory power off or breakdown.

15) Equipped with UPS system for continue weaving when power restored.

16) Patterns can be displayed on the LCD.



Cylinder Diameter3.753.5
Number of Needles132-176Ns84-240Ns
Rotation250-270 R.P.M.330-380 R.P.M.MAX:400)

Servo Motor

Power Required

Drive Motor 0.8KW

Fan Motor: 0.75KW

Control Case : 0.8KW

Net Weight


Gross Weight




Packaging Detail:wooden case, 1500*1200*2400mm
Delivery Detail:30 days after deposit

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