HL 2010 Automatic Silk Reeling Machine

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Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:HualongModel Number:HL 2010Condition:New
HL 2010 Automatic Silk Reeling Machine
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The introduce of HL 2010 Automatic Silk Reeling Machine

HL 2010 Automatic Silk Reeling Machine is new generation machine developed by Hangzhou Hualong Weaving Machine Co, Ltd,. for many years. It concentrates same achievements in scientific researches and patented products of company in recent years. The redesign and great improvement in three aspect and twenties contents makes the operation of the machine easier and more convenient. At the same time, it obviously increases the products, improves the quality, decrease the workers, reduces the discount of reel and saves the expenses, so it is praised by users as "an automatic silk reeling machine with brainpower, practical, high-efficiency, low power consimption and stable performance."

Work Shop

Main Technical Parameter
Range:20 sets per group 20 ends per set
Raw silk specification:20/22D (23.3dtex)
Quality grade: 5A-6A
Output of per set/hour: 280g
Operaters per group: 5-6 persons
Raw material: Mulberry cocoon(length of non-broken filament is more than 600 meters)
Silk reeling speed: Free frequency
Main dimensions: 28090mm×3222mm×2168mm
Net weight: 15000KG

With the automatic control of cocoon volume and temperature, the subsection control and adjustment of the groping ends temperature, the increase of picking ends refined device and the improvement of current enhances the efficiency of groping ends, reduces the discount of reel and obviously increases the automaticity, which realizes the unmanned of the headstock.

The control system of size is composed of high precision denierer, low forced drum wheel, up and down connecting rod of adding ends with two-sided bearing and high sensitivity device for preventing the shutoff of the silk. It effectively guarantees the high grade of the products.

It realizes the operation with intelligence manage of automatic silk reeling machine by setting the parametric on touch screen and concentrade automatic control by computer.


We offer whole set of silk reeling machines for our customers, includeing re reeling machine, cocoon cooking machine, cocoon drying machine, cocoon peeling machine and cocoon assorting machine-double sides, and etc.

Packaging Detail:Standard Wooden Box
Delivery Detail:45 days after Deposit

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