high pressure water jet machine multifunctional water machine

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:GTModel Number:dmw3020-bbDWJ 03040SERIES:bule
high pressure water jet machine multifunctional water machine
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CE Standard

Twenty items patent

Smooth travel

All stainless cover resist to trust and durable

Auto lubrication system easy maintenance

Highly integrated economic

Rigid and reliable overall design

All stainless steel front panel high quality and prestigious

Carefully designed single steel frame rigid and stable occupy less space and easy to operate

Special water jet cnc controller and servo system provide ideal cutting results

Internal parts are all selected from famous brand to ensure high quality and stable operation

Leading detail design among competitors

Integrated automatic lubrication system and user friendly design together make the maintenance easily done strong and durable cable chain flexible movements ,carefully selected electrical cables are very dependable high quality sensor system provides reliable limit to protect the machine system ,carefully planned new design

Motion guide is double protected

Y axis is drived by single motor an dual synchronized belts to provide high accuracy

Use world famous brand ballscrew and guild to ensure high cutting accuracy smooth motion and long term durablity

CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine is to use intensifier pump to pressurize normal tap water to 100-380Mpa in a split second. Then convert water pressure to dynamic energy through diamond orifice mount assembly. This creates a very high velocity beam of waterjet to generate high speed friction to make cutting. Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting almost all the materials, such as glass, marble, metal,rubber and wood , and many advantages of it will be greatly found during different materials cutting

Technical data:


High-pressure waterjet cutting is realized by waterjet with great kinetic energy and high speed stream of water. It belongs to high energy beam processing area as well as laser, ionic beam, electron beam, while high-pressure waterjet is the only cold cutting technology. High-pressure water cutter as a high-tech is virtually a revolution in cutting field.

Currently HP water cutting is mainly used in below areas

Application in metallic material cutting

1) To cut the metallic materials that used for architectural decoration, such as stainless steel.

2) To make and cut the crust of machine equipments

3) To cut all kinds of metallic spare parts

Waterjet system has many unique advantages over other cutting methods.

-No thermal or chemical deformation

-Excellent edge quality and no need for secondary processing

-An environmentally clean process creating no toxic fumes or airborne dust

-Quick and precise cutting speed

-Less material waste

Waterjet cutting is widely used in modern manufacturing industry, especially in engineering plant & manufacturing sector. It improves production efficiency and quality greatly.

Application in glass cutting

1) To cut glass for household electrical appliances

2) To cut glass for bathroom

3) To cut glass for architectural decoration, craftwork and automobile.

It is the most suitable and also the unique way to use waterjet to cut anomalous shapes of glass. It solves the problems of words making and pierced pattern with glass. That is to say, all similar difficulties can be readily solved by waterjet, such as the processing of large glass screen, glass curtain wall, all kinds of electrical appliance panels and glass wares.

Packaging Detail:we use the foam paper to pack the machine to avoid the cllision of the machine and then use the stell frame to fix the machine for convenient transportaion befor delivey we will take some photoes to show you when you feel better we then ship the goods to meet you requirment generally speaking the packing is the best to ship the machine
Delivery Detail:within 30days

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