High efficiency Synthetic Pocket Filter

1.Low initial pressure drop, 2.High Filter Efficiency, 3.Variety of Media types, 4.Available for dozens sizes - details see: http://www.machineto.com/high-efficiency-synthetic-pocket-filter-10224921
Efficiency:G3-F8Construction:Bag FilterFiltration Grade:Medium FilterMedium Material:Synthetic Fiber
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:FEIERTEModel Number:DS-35,6PFunction:Air Filter
Catalog:High efficiency Synthetic Pocket Filter   
High efficiency Synthetic Pocket Filter
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High Efficiency Pocket Filter-Soft and Colorful Media

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Standard Size and Technical Data

Production Show

1, Production Instruction

2, Frame workshop confirm

3, Profile cutting processing

4, Media workshop confirm

5, Media mini-pleating and melting

6, Installation

7, Product inspection

8, Packing and Stocking

Factory View


Packaging Detail:8-10 pcs in one cardboard box.
Delivery Detail:less than 500 pcs in 2 weeks, 1000 pcs in 3 weeks

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