HEPA Separator Filter

HEPA Separator Filter allow system to control laminar air flow under high humidity. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/hepa-separator-filter-10224724
Construction:HEPA Separator FilterFiltration Grade:Hepa FilterMedium Material:FiberglassPlace of Origin:Taiwan
HEPA Separator Filter
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HEPA Separator Filter

* Series : Separator type

* Header : Box; Single; Double
* Frame : Wooden; Aluminum; Galvanized & Stainless steel
* Separators : Aluminum foil
* Media : Wet-laid micro-glassfiber
* Sealant : Polyurethane
* Gasket : EVA
* Temperature : up to 80 degree C
* Humidity : up to 100% RH
* Efficiency :
MPPS>99.95% (H13) ; DOP>99.97% at 0.3 um
MPPS>99.995% (H14) ; DOP>99.99% at 0.3 um
* Recommended final pressure drop up to 500 Pa

* Fire retardant : UL 900

These special designed HEPA filter separator type allow system to control lamina air flow under high humidity. Hemmed edges on the aluminum reduce possible pleat damage. Low initial pressure media lengthen the life of filters and filters meet UL class 900 fire code.
These filters can remove a broad range of airborne contaminats. They can be used as final filters in hospital, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food processing industry. They also can be used as pre-filter for the most demanded clean room.
Filters are constructed with stainless galvanized steel, aluminum, or wood frame with media pleated back and forth over safe edge aluminum to optimize performance. Polyurethane sealant applies throughout all filter to prevent any possible leakage.

Packaging Detail:1 piece / box
Delivery Detail:14 days

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