Hard Cover Maker for books,photo album 950C

1.Suitable for making hard cover books, 2.CD and DVD boxes, 3.ring binders, 4.photo albums, 5.restaurant menus. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/hard-cover-maker-for-books-photo-album-950c-10333454
Type:Cover MakerComputerized:NoBrand Name:BOWAYModel Number:SK950C
Hard Cover Maker for books,photo album 950C
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Hard Cover Maker for books,photo album 950C

Positioning, Corner cutter, Edge folder in one machine
Suitable for making hard cover books, CD and DVD boxes, ring binders, photo albums, restaurant menus...
In a short time, you can produce high-quality books in a wide variety of formats.
Cover, cardboard of the cover and cardboard of spine are located accurately; the thickness of cardboard can be 0.5-6 mm.

Center positioning line Suction assistance Corner cutter Edge folder
Multi-model of spine guides Sliding way for front guide and side guide
Flexible and fast to change the different version of spine guides, easy to create many fully decorated hard cases: hard cover books, CD and DVD boxes, photo albums, restaurant menus, etc.
Light table with center positioning line labels the reference meshed line for variety of formats with suction assistance for placing the tacking paper, you can position the cover accurately and quickly.
A corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners of different thickness of cardboard in an even and accurate way.
A user-friendly electric edge folder also makes the hard cover even more standardized.
The original design allow not only to create book covers, but also any other fully decorated hard cases: CD and DVD boxes, restaurant menus... You just need to change the two spine guides from a 8mm-groove to a 3mm one.

The size of operation desk980*466mm980*466mm530*420mm
Max. size of productA3+ landscape sizeA3+ landscape sizeA4 portrait size
Voltage220V or 110V (Optional)220V or 110V (Optional)220V or 110V (Optional)
Dimensions W*D*H1140*680*1040mm1180*670*1070mm850*540*340mm
Machine Weight112kg110kg45kg
Suction assistance Center positioning
Corner cutter Electric edge folder
Exchangeable Spine Guides
Standard accessory: 8mm spine guide - Long
Packaging Detail:Wood package
Delivery Detail:In 20 days

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