Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant

1.CE/ISO9001, 2.high productivity, 3.Less Labour, 4.Easy operation, 5.Pollution is small - details see:
Condition:NewType:Flotation SeparatorProduction Capacity:10-3000t/dPlace of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:GHMModel Number:500t/dVoltage:380/440VPower(W):210000
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseascolour:customers requirementapplication:Processing of gold ore and sand goldmineral processing technology:Flotation and gravity separation method
Electrode protection grade:50HZ-60HZinstallation and trial run:Our engineer instructionmode of operation:can 24 hours continuousReducer Model:national standard
Material:Q235easilydamagedparts:manganese alloyMotor type:synchronous motor 
Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant
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Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant

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gold mining bed type is mainly divided into two categories:

(1)A gold ore deposits are mostly located in mountainous areas, by internal forces geological formation, gold ore, also known as gold mine, endogenous gold mine;
(2)The other for the gold placer gold particles by mountain gold mine out of the ground, broken into long-term weathering and erosion, sequin, gold at the end, and by handling the role of wind, water and other water sorting together deposited in Riverside, Lakeside, Coast to form alluvial, alluvial type or seaside molding sand gold deposits, some mountain gold mine weathering and erosion, debris accumulation of the product in place, the formation of the gold deposits of residual sand; piled along the slopes , the formation of slope plot molding sand gold deposits, placer deposits, also known as exogenous gold mine, its metallogenic epoch in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Tertiary, and Quaternary or modern.
In addition, there is an associated gold deposits, its low gold often be recovered in the process of non-ferrous metal mines, and comprehensive utilization.

Alluvial gold ore beneficiation principle is that: using gravity separation to recover gold and all kinds of associated heavy minerals from the ore mineral sands as much as possible. Then gravity separation, flotation, mercury mixing, magnetic separation and electrostatic separation are combined to separate the gold and all kinds of heavy minerals, which can reach the purpose of comprehensive recovery. The gulch-gold gravel mine beneficiation can be classified into crushing and sieving, desliming and beneficiation.

Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant for Gold ore Crushing and sieving

There are cementing clay group in alluvial gold ores. Size of some grains is larger than 100mm and if these clay groups are not crushed, they will be discharged with the barren rocks during sieving process and the gold will be lost. Moreover, the clay groups will be cemented to gravels or pebbles, if they are not crushed, the gold will be lost during sieving process

Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant for Gold ore Declining Desliming

In alluvial gold ores, the materials whose size is under 0.1mm don't contain gold of less gold. The gold whose size is less than 0.1mm is called floating gold and they are hardly to be dressed in beneficiation. The ore slurry in same grain level will disturb the beneficiation process, especially mechanical beneficiation process. So in the alluvial gold mine mechanical beneficiation concentrator, the ore slurry whose size is less than 0.1mm should be removed. The commonly used desliming devices in production are desliming buckets in all kinds of specifications. The chute beneficiation can use wide material grain size range and has large output. So the chute beneficiation does not need declining.
Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant for ore Beneficiation
Practice proves that the gravity separation method is the most effective and the most economic method for processing alluvial gold mine. For the different grain size composition in alluvial gold, all kinds of gravity separation equipments have different effective grain size limits in materials processing, so reasonable alluvial gold beneficiation process should be the combined work by several gravity separation equipments.
Gold concentrate are got by through coarse beneficiation. Its gold content is 100 g/tons and heavy sand minerals are 1 ~ 2 kg/tons or more. For coarse concentrates that includes gold, there are three kinds of processing methods:
1. Using batea, the gold grains are dressed out in manual work and the heavy sands are abandoned.
2. Using mercury mixing tube for mercury mixing, the calomelene is got and the heavy sand aren abandoned.
3. Using manual work and mercury mixing for gold extraction, the heavy sands are sent to concentration plants. All kinds of heavy sand minerals can be recycled in magnetic separation and electricity separation.
The beneficiation recovery of alluvial gold the two chute dressing is 70%~74%. Chute coarse beneficiation, jigger scavenging and shaking table fine beneficiation are 75%~80%.
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Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant for Gold ore beneficiation production line process:
Mining gold ore first preliminary crushing by jaw crusher, crushing to a reasonable degree of fineness via hoist feeder evenly fed into the ball mill, ore crushing, grinding by ball mill.
After a ball mill grinding of ore fines go to the next step:classification.Spiral sorting machine by means of the proportion of solid particles precipitated in the liquid at different speeds principle,the ore mixture enters the grading machine washing,grading.

After washed and graded mineral mixture through the separator, due to the different than the susceptibility of various minerals, via magnetic and mechanical forces Mixture magnetic substance separated.
Adding different drugs through the magnetic separator after the initial separation of the mineral particles in the flotation machine is fed, depending on the mineral characteristics,so that the minerals and other substances to be separated.After the desired minerals are separated out, because the preliminary concentrated containing a lot of water,subject to the concentrator, and then through a dryer to obtain dry minerals.

Flotation process is one of the most widely used methods to process lode gold in gold beneficiation plant. In most instances, flotation process is used for processing sulfide minerals gold ores with high flotability and the effect is most notable. In recent years, the flotation process in gold ores has large evolution. The main performances are innovation process, new drug researching and design improving. Using stage grinding and stage beneficiation process is development trend of gold flotation extraction at present. Many foreign gold beneficiation plants use two stages even three stages and the gold recovery can be improved by 2%-6%. For the flotation process only can enrich the gold into all kinds of sulphur mineral concentrates as much as possible and the final gold products can not be got. Therefore, the beneficiation plants that use single flotation flow are not so much. The flotation process is only used as a process in combination flow.

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2. Raw ore testing and evaluation

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4. Site design and layout design.

5. Installation, erection, and commissioning instruction

6. Workers' training.

Gold processing plant/Gold washing machine/Gold wash plant manufacturer
As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, Henan Gude Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide you with both complete production line and independent machine. If you need any help about buying gold ore beneficiation equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to offer service to you.

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