gas turbine V bank air filter

compressed air filter, high rated airflow, low pressure drop, reinforced constructure - details see: //
Efficiency:F5-F9Construction:MinipleatFiltration Grade:Medium FilterMedium Material:Fiberglass
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:YantairModel Number:MZ/GTFrame:Galvanized Steel
Separators:Hot-meltMedia:HV fiberglass  
gas turbine V bank air filter
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compressed air filter is specifically designed for gas turbine and air compressor inlet air systems.

MZ/GT FIlters offer a wide range of filtering efficiency, high volumeric air flow, high performance, high dust holdings capacity and are used in variety of climate and conditions.


The Filters are constructed of galvanized steel. Eight minipleat packs assembled in a multiple v-bank forming a rigid filter element containing 205 ft2and 307ft2of media. Each MZ/GT is with galvanized steel faceguard on two sides of media. The reinforced construction can remain the filter working at the pressure drop 5.22IN.W.G., and keep the filter won't fall to pieces at the pressure drop 12IN.W.G.

The MZ/GT6643 Filters contains 307 ft2of media, increasing 50% net media than MZ/GT66. So, in the same pressure drop conditions, the life expectancy of MZ/GT6643 will increase by 70%-100%




Initial Resistance
(IN. W.G.)


MZ/GT 66-F6 ---–F66666-F6F6595×595×29220000.26205
MZ/GT 66-F7F7595×595×292


MZ/GT 66-F8F8595×595×29220000.44205
MZ/GT 6643-F6F6595x595x43520000.22307
MZ/GT 6643-F7F7595x595x43520000.32307
MZ/GT 6643-F8F8595x595x43520000.4307
Packaging Detail:bag + carton
Delivery Detail:15 days

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