Gas turbine pleated air cartridge filters

Gas turbine pleated air cartridge filters, Factory prices, OEM services offered - details see:
Condition:NewEfficiency:99.9%Construction:Cartridge FilterFiltration Grade:Hepa Filter
Medium Material:OtherPorosity:0.3Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Farrleey Gas turbine pleated air cartridge filters
Model Number:YZ66400/YZ66325Name:Gas turbine pleated air cartridge filtersInstallation:A variety of installation methodsTop & bottom end cap:Polyurethane/Silicon rubber/Iron
Design:Easy to replaceFilter cage:Plastic/ironApplication area:Central air conditioning, gas turbine power plants etc.Loading port:Guangzhou
Delivery:5-7daysRemarks:Optional stainless steel mesh and end caps  
Gas turbine pleated air cartridge filters
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Product advantages:

1.The most professional manufacturer of filter cartridge apparatus in China.

2.One of the suppliers that passed Andrew certification in China.

3.The quality of our PU material is the same with GE products.

Application fields:

It is mainly used in central air conditioning, gas turbine power plants, oxygen plants, steel mill blast oxygen station, furnace blast air station, power plant etc. air intake filter.

Product descriptions:

Product show:


Model No.OUTER DIA (mm)INNER DIA (mm)The filtration area(m²)Remarks
YZ6640040029021—optional outer mesh —optional stainless steel mesh and end caps

Selection of materials:

1.HL/PE Typial spunbonded polyester

2.HL/LR Water & oil repllent

3.HL/AL Antistatic coating

4.HL/FM PTFE membrane

5.HL/HV Typical Cellulose

6.TE/FM Donaldson Tetratex PTFE membrane polyester

CodeWeightThicknessFilter PrecisionContinuous TemperaturePeaks Temperature
HL/PE1700.455(μm)65 (°C)130 (°C)
HL/LR1700.455(μm)65 (°C)130 (°C)
HL/AL2400.65(μm)65 (°C)110 (°C)
HL/FM1700.450.3(μm)65 (°C)130 (°C)
HL/HV1250.35(μm)65 (°C)65 (°C)
TE/ FM240-3400.33-0.830.3-5(μm)135 (°C)135 (°C)

Photoes show:

Packaging processes:

About us

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial dust collector accessories in China, especially pleated bag

cartridge and flat panel filter. And aslo we choose high quality filter media, such as Donaldson Tetratex

PTFE membrane filte media, Toray spunbonded polyester and HV cellulose nanofiber.

With many years of filter production exprerice, our products are widely used in the dust filtration fields,
such as:

Steel plate pre-processing, Shot blasting, Vacuum pumping sander.
Powder convey, Pneumatic conveying system,Air inlet dust, Gas turbine,Cement industry.
Dust suction, excavation, rock drilling equipment,Battery industry, agglomerative&fibrous dust filtration.
Anti-static situation,Welding smoke,Painting booth, thermal spraying, surface processing, coating,etc.
Also we have capability to offer a complete line of replacement filters to fit most brands of

dust collector equipments.

Our replacement filters provide an economical alternative for many popular dust collection

systems, and they are extremely durable and ensure efficient filtration, available with all common fixing

methods, and they can prolong the service life and performance of your dust collectors, save time


If you are interested in our products, please feel free to talk more with us for more details.

Packaging Detail:Carton
Delivery Detail:5-7 Days

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