Fully automatic!Membrane filter press for oil industry

Fully automatic!Membrane filter press for oil industry, 1.ISO9001&CE, 2.The lowest moisture content - details see: http://www.machineto.com/fully-automatic-membrane-filter-press-for-oil-industry-10229059
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:JINCHENGModel Number:XMZ-1000 
Fully automatic!Membrane filter press for oil industry
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Fully automatic!Membrane filter press for oil industry

JinCheng®Chamber filter press has a high automatic degree including Control system,Feeding system, Discharge mechanism.

JinCheng®has been a leader in liquid/solid separation equipment design and manufacturing for 20 years, meeting the needs of both industrial and municipal clients. Our equipments operate worldwide in ever-growing range of process and wastewater applications. Our customers come from many different countries, like Australia, Iran, India, South Korea, etc.


Up to 30 bar

  • Automatic plate movement
  • Automatic cloth washing
  • Multiple cake discharge
  • Automatic drip trays
  • Cake washing and air blow
  • PLC Control

Control System

PLC Control, Electric Leakage Protection

Interval Control, Remote Control

Your choose of automatic system.

Automatic system will save a large sum of spending on labor resources, but on the other hand it is usually a little expensive than other machine.

Main beam

High impact resistance of carbon steel

316L Stainless Steel

Surface electrostatic spray

Chamber Plates

Highly heat stabalised Polypropylene up to 95°c
PVDF for higher temperature applications.
Cast Iron.

Die presses the reinforced polypropylene into filter plate .featuring smooth and flat surface,high intensity.light weight,acid and alkaline resistant,an-ticorrosion,nontoxic and inodorous.

Hydraulic system

High output force
Accurate hydraulic pressure
No corrosion
Continuous variable transmission


Filter Cake

Send out |JinCheng®, China

Filter Cake | Beer slag, Netherlands

Production |JinCheng®,China


Chamber Filter Press

Sewage Treatment Plants:
Municipal and industrial sludges

Water Treatment:
Alum and ferric sludges. Backwash water recovery.
Chemical Processing:
Dyes and pigments. Titanium dioxide solid-liquid seperation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry,
Plating and metal finishing, tannery waste, textiles, paint, etc.
Metals, Minerals
Hydroxides, precious metal recovery, mining etc.
Body preperation and glaze recovery
Food and beverage
Sugar beet and crane treatment. Brewing, edible oils, waxes and fats etc.

Our clients from different countries:

Our service

One two three four, complete care for all

· One: One call is all your need to solve any problem.

· Two: We promise all the machine will be delivered in two weeks

· Three: We do three professional inspections before your new machine is delivered

· Four: Urgently needed parts will be dispatched within 48 hours

Our goal is to add value to improve the efficiency of the you that you get the most profit

· You get fast delivery

· You get first rate technical care

· You get the most from your investment

· You get the highest value for your business

Technical Support

· 24*7 hotline service

· Strict product inspection before delivery

Supply the professional technology support online

Fully automatic!Membrane filter press for oil industry

Packaging Detail:wooden case hydraulic wine press
Delivery Detail:3 weeks

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