full-automatic kitchen paper rewinding and perforating machine

ZE-DG full-automatic kitchen towel rewinding and perforating machine - details see: //www.machineto.com/full-automatic-kitchen-paper-rewinding-and-perforating-machine-10333235
Type:Paper Embossing Machine,1092/1575/1760/2200/2500/2800Computerized:YesPlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Zhi en
Model Number:ZE-DGRaw paper roll width:1350/1780/1980/2180/2450/2700  
full-automatic kitchen paper rewinding and perforating machine
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ZE-DG This machine adopts the advanced technology of PLC computer,variable frequency speed regulating,electronical brake and HMI operation interface.The machine has won state patent for it's excellent pratice of all devices equipped on the machine.It is your ideal choice for production high-and increase economic benefits.

Features of horizontal style paper unwind stand:Raw paper line-placed,deliver paper with pneumatic paper loading unit.

Web-edge controlling function:be installed on the paper unwind stand.The function is effected by a sensor to inspect and trace the web-edge,which controlled by PLC,then the sensor will transfer the data to the web-edge controlling performer to effect the aim of alignment of different paper webs,with this web-edge controlling function,the web-edge of different paper web will be kept parallel with each other event if the paper roll in high speed,thus can reduce the wastage of paper roll edge.

Function of automatic stop at the broken of paper can be added.

Automatic changing paper tube and unloading finished product.The paper tube or stainless steel tube can be adjusted from 25mm to 50mm random in one minute.And the from and back instant button switch to guide raw paper,make the operation much.

The synchronized finished of automatic edge-cutting,gluing and tail-sealing can reduce consumption of paper when the roller paper are sent to the process of slitting and packing.The working efficiency and the paper grade can be greatly increased as a result.With paper ending left,it is convenient to use.

Embossing:according to customers requirement can order point to point embossing.

machine type
max width raw paper
outer dia.of raw paper
1100mm(other size to be specified,the max.outer dia.of raw paper is 2500mm)
inner dia.of raw paper core
3″(76.2mm)(other size to be specified)
parameter setting
HMI operation interface(can be equiped with operating platform with touched screen)
programming control
electronical and air pressure control
single embossing,double embossing,steel-to-steel embossing,pneumatic embossing(to be ordered)
embossing bottom roller
felted roller,paper woolen roller,rubber roller (to be ordered)
max speed
outer dia.of finished product
90-135mm(other size to be specified)
machanical transmission
steepless fearbox,the machine conveys without belt,which can guarantee the accuracy of the node distance and,the length of finish products.
pneumatic system
3HP air compressor,which the min.pressure is 5kg/cm2pa(supplied by user)
main transmission
variable frequency speed reghlating
paper unwinding stand
1-3 stands(the qty of raw paper rolls to be specified) (to be ordered)
web-edge controlling device
controled by PLC,tracked with sensor(to be ordered)
gluing on convexity
decorative system
the pattems are according to the design of embossing roller(to be ordered)

Other specifications are available to your requirement.

Packaging Detail:wooden case/wooden pallet
Delivery Detail:30 days

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