(For year 2013)100l micro brewery of red copper and SUS304

1. Material: SUS 304 &red copper, 2. Capacity: 100L per day, 3.Service:Two-year warranty, 4. Certificate: ISO&CE - details see: //www.machineto.com/for-year-2013-100l-micro-brewery-of-red-copper-and-sus304-10024361
Processing:Fermenting Equipment,argon protection double welding, double forming;JacketCondition:NewPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:DEGONGET-B
Model Number:DEGONGET-B-50L-500LProcessing Types:AlcoholVoltage:380V AdjustablePower(W):12KW-35KW
Dimension(L*W*H):Floorarea 15㎡-35㎡Certification:ISO9001:2000 & CEWarranty:24months 
(For year 2013)100l micro brewery of red copper and SUS304
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100l micro breweryof red copper and SUS304

Hello my friend, welcome to Degong equipment technology Co.,Ltd,China. And very big thanks for your attention to our mini brewery equipment. We have prepared the follow information about brewery 100l to you, kindly check please:

A.Technical data (simple overview)

Name100l micro brewery100l micro brewery equipment

1.Mashing system

New model for the year 2013

Main machineMashing&Boiling tank100l

Lauter&Whirlpool tank100l

  1. Inner (stainless steel 304)thickness:2.5mm;
  2. External-Jacket(SUS 304 or red copper)thickness:1.5mm;
  3. Cylinder (Oval, SUS304), thickness: 2.0mm.
  4. Temperature way:temperature probe PT100;
  5. Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80 mm;
  6. Polishing precision to: Ra 0.6μm;
  7. Outsourcing surface: Weld polishing processing
  8. Equipped with : Rake;
  9. Motor power:1.5KW/380V(adjustable)
  10. Heating method;Electric/natural gas
  11. Heating power;12KW
  12. Filter board g.ap≤1.5mm
Auxiliary engine
  1. Mill machine: 150Kg/h ; Power: 1.5kw, voltage:380V ;
  2. Wort pump: Flow1.5m3/h, lift 18m;
  3. Plate-type heat exchanger:3m2

Saccharification combination pipelin;Temperatureprobe;

Lees out harrow; Sprayball; Saccharometer with
temperatur;Pipeline; Butterflyvalve; Steamcondenser pipe; Titanium Rod;Wort thermometer




  1. Material: Inner (SUS304)thickness: 2.5mm;
  2. External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 1.5mm;
  3. Oval head cone bottom, thickness: 2.0mm.
  4. Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.6μm (attached Omni cleaning ball).
  5. Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 70 mm
  6. Cone 60°resist compression design

Yeast adding tank


AccessoriesBeer tube; Refrigerant piping ; Insulation pipeline;Temperature sensor;

Transmittershell ;

Pressuregauge ;

Icewater electromagnetic valve ;

Ventvalve ; Sampling valve ; Pipeline ; Butterfly valve;

3.Cooling system

Main machineIce water tank300l

  1. Material: Inner (SUS304)thickness: 2.5mm;
  2. ExternalJacket(SUS304)thickness: 1.5mm
  3. Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80 mm.
Auxiliary engine
  1. Refrigerating uniT:3p
  2. Ice water pump: rate of flow1.7m3/h lift 25m
AccessoriesPipeline valve; Insulation pipeline; Temperature sensor; Transmitter shell

4.Cleaning system

Main machineDisinfection tank50l;

Alkali tank50l;

Sterilizing vehicle;

Auxiliary engineCleaning pump1.5KW/380V
AccessoriesPipe,valv; wired hose;
5.Control system

Control cabinet;


Touch screen; Line,signallines; controllineSignal
circular tube

6.Beer selling system (optional)

A.Beer selling tank:

Material: Inner(SUS304),thickness: 2.5mm;


(Stainless steel), thickness: 1.5mm;

Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to

Ra 0.6µm.

Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 60 mm.


machine of bar counter:

Material: red copper,

Titanium valves

6 nozzles

Daily output100L
Beer production period8-12days
Price of the above Configuration

USD 23000-25000

The price will change depend on the cost of the Rawmaterial

Very Competitive price to help customer win the market and

make big profit.

Welcome to inwuiry

B.Trade terms

Lead time of the 100l beer brewery22days
Delivery time25 days after 30% deposit
Trade methodsFOB/CIF/CNF
Payment methodAlibaba.com's Escrow Service

T/T ; L/C; MoneyGram

30% deposit the balance before delivery

PackagingInner, stretching membrane and PE paper.
MOQ1 set
Supply ability10set per month
ServiceMain machine guarantee for 24month.

C. Other commen Mixing and Matching

Matching types








Mashing 100l


Mashing 100l


1.Maximum Output capacity3000L/Month

100l/dayContinuous production


100l/dayContinuous production


100l/dayContinuous production


noContinuous production


noContinuous production

2.Beer production period12days10days8 days8 days8 days
3.Mashing times1 time per day1 time per day1 time per day21times/month14 times/month


1. Beer willreach maturityafter 8 days, however the beer-taste of 12 days will be better than of 10days, the beer-taste of 10 days will be better than of 8 days.

2.The above data are based on thebasic theories.

D.Other commen capacity


daily output100L200L300L5001000L2000L
unit typeDG100DG200DG300DG500DG1000DG2000
floor space15square25square35square45square80square120square
Beer production period8-12 days8-12 days8-12 days8-12 days8-12 days8-12 days

Welcome to inquiry and visit our whorkshop


Packaging Detail:Inner, stretching membrane and PE paper.
Delivery Detail:25 days after receiving full payment.

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