FN271B artificial fur carding mchine

this carding machine is overcoming some shortcomnings,machine jams and hard to clean, and adopt the PLC system. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/fn271b-artificial-fur-carding-mchine-10273021
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:CHENGLIJIAModel Number:FN271B carding machinecylinder speed:300-450 r/min (frequency control)
doffer speed:30-50 r/min(frequency control)machine width:1040mm,1240mmTotal power:11.75kwMachine Type:Carding Machine
Material Capabilities:FiberCertification:CEProduct:imitation fur 
FN271B artificial fur carding mchine
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Because of the different surface linear velocity, the turning direction of card clothing between cylinder, working roller, stripping roller and doffer, this machine can be used in mixing, loosing and carding the raw materials (chemical fabrics), and making the wool strips with a certain weight in the canister regularly which are prepared for the next working procedure.

Main specifications and technical features

Type of machine The uplink semi-cycle typeVehicle type The right hand vehicle
Adapted raw materials: chemical fabric length 28-102mm, 2.5-20
Width of machine 1040mm
Effective carding width 1000mm
Feeding method: two-box-volume automatic continuous feeding
Output: general 75kg per machine, 100kg per machineThe weight of wool strip: 10-20g/m
Feeding rollers speed 6-11 circles/min frequency control:Total draft multiple 32-113.5
Cylinder speed 300-450 circles/min frequency controlDoffer speed 30-50 circles/min (frequency control)
Stripping method: roller strippingStrip proofing method: circling the strips into canister
Canister specifications: diameter 600mm, height 900mmThe machines total power: 11.75kw
Overall dimension (length width height) 1045020002400mmMachines weight: about 10tons

This machine is based on our countrys same kind machine, and absorbs the advantages of British TATHAM and Korean Dacheng equipment which gets rid of the disadvantages of the old cylinders easy-wrapped, easy-blocked of moving roller, hard to clean and the others. It has high output, and the strips are uniform. Its carding range is large (28-102mm). Its process adjustment is convenient (PLC control) which reaches to the advanced level of our country.

Packaging Detail:be packed in container tray and the seaworthy wooden case or the carton.
Delivery Detail:ten days after receipt of the prepayment

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