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Low cost, rugged, reliable electro-mechanical flange facer from India is here. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/flange-facer-10131325
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Flange Facer
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Flange Facer is a multi-utility machine and it can also be used for doing other machining operations like drilling, boring, thread cutting etc by adding a self-powered unit head and using proper tooling and axes synchronization.

Flange Facer consists of a rotary drive unit and clamping arms. Power cables from the rotary table are routed through an imported brushless rotary joint connector with an universal joint which permits the flange facer to do the operation in vertical, horizontal and in any angular position without the danger of cables getting entwined with rotating parts.

The rotary drive unit consists of a pair of pre-loaded, extra heavy duty taper roller bearings, located in an accurately dimensioned, forged alloy steel body. The rotary drive is through a gear box and a motor. A vector VFD provides step less rotational speeds. The main body and the cross axis ram are made of high grade CI casting, heavily ribbed and stress-relieved. The box type ram is quite unique in design, perfectly balanced, light in weight, robust in construction to withstand the deflection. The cross feed drive is through a worm reduction gear box & VFD controlled motor. Proper balancing and additional care in design ensure smooth cutting even when the cutting takes place in the extreme end of the ram. The rotational drive and feed axis are synchronized through a PLC. Adjustable feed end limit switches are provided for the ram movement.

The 100 mm vertical stroke is for setting the depth of cut and generally this is manually operated. It is possible to offer self-feed drive for the vertical axis and synchronize it with the cross axis movement & rotary movement through a PLC.

For a quote, kindly furnish the following details:

a) maximum and minimum diameter of your flanges.

b) Whether your jobs are vertical or horizontal resting c) Whether you prefer OD or ID clamping type flange facer.

We have developed ID (manual) clamping type flange facer for the facing range Ø210 to Ø600 mm, available in stock. For clamping, we have used a 4 jaw self-centering chuck, which offers a very rigid clamping. This flange facer is offered at a price of Rs 3.6 lacs each, ex-our works.

Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Flange Facers over Pneumatic or Hydraulic Flange Facer

Packaging Detail:sea worthy wooden packing
Delivery Detail:5 to 8 weeks

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