Filter press

Low power consumption;, Easy operation and maintanance. - details see:
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Filter press
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Brief introduction

This filter is a kind of intermittent pressure- adding percolation equipment which can be used for almost all kinds of solid-liquid separation. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, dyestuff, medicine, foodstuff, papermaking, waste water treatment and so on.

It has following advantage:

Advanced structure design considering of machinery, electricity and hydraulic in one machine.

Easy operation, simple maintaining.

All kinds of material of filtering plate are available such as plastic, rubber, enhanced polypropylene, stainless steel and cast iron.

High efficiency, ideal equipment for processing suspension

Following see the picture of the filter press and the filter plate:

Main parts

It mainly consists of four parts: frame part, filtration part, hydraulic part and electricity part.

Frame partis the base of press filter, used to support filtration mechanism and connect other parts. It mainly consists of press plate, push stopping plate, oil tank and main beam. When working, the piston of oil tank push the press plate and tightly compress the filtration cloth between the press plate and push stopping plate so as to ensure the pressure adding filtration is workable.

Filtration partconsists of a serial of filtration plate and cloth which array on the main beam and they form some filtration units.

When filtration gets started, suspense is pumped into every filtration unit. Under the function of filtration cloth, solid is left on the filtration cloth and forms filter cake, clean liquid will go through filtration cloth and is discharged through open tube and under tube. If needing wash, water can go into wash inlet and wash the filter cake; If needing to decrease the moisture of filter cake, compressed air can go into wash inlet to finish the process.

Hydraulic partis the dynamic force of the press filter. It mainly consists of the hydraulic station and oil tank.

Electricity partis the control center of the whole system.

Specification and Parameters:

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