Filter press

1.Automatic Membrane Filter Press, 2.ISO9001:2008, 3.High efficiency, 4.Excellent sealability of filter plate - details see:
Place of Origin:Hunan China (Mainland)Brand Name:unionsumModel Number:USUM340Filter area:30-2000 m2
Filter plate material:rubber plastic   
Filter press
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1.Adopted rubber and plastic filter plate or mixed filter plate

2.High corrosion resistance ability;

3.Good maintenance performance;

4.Excellent sealability of filter plate, little or no leak;

5.Hydraulic system components are adopted LEXROTH series components which are reliable;

6.Electrical main components are adopted SIEMENS or DELIXI series components;

7.On account of the media whose filtered time is long, a kind of hydraulic system, which is a mechanical lock cylinders and packed with second order pressure, was designed to make the filter stay in closed in the filtration process.

8.Supplying a variety of choices of additional units

a. Automatic unloading system;

b. filtering Cloth varicose System;

c. PLC control system-with a vibration-type drawing board discharge

d. Electric or manual receiver system;

Automatic unloading filter,coated Ti to resist corrosion

Rubber and plastic filter plate filter press (Its flow component is coated SS316L).

Special rubber and plastic filter plate

Performance: resistance to acid, alkali; operating temperature range wide (-20 ~ 110 °C); Flexibility of the surface plays a crucial role to improve sealing performance of the filter ;

Application: rubber and plastic filter plate is widely used in the filters of smelting industry, can be applied to filter all kinds of media, such as anode slime, waste water, arsenic trioxide.

Packaging Detail:30 days
Delivery Detail:standard export packing

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