Environment Monitoring

Monitoring and recording of various parameters like Temperature, Humidity, CO2, gases etc. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/environment-monitoring-10240014
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:United StatesTemperature Recording:YesCO2:Yes
Gas:YesWater:YesHumidity:YesInternet Access:Yes
Phone Call:Device will make phone call when temperature is out of rangeSMS:Device will make SMS when temperature is out of rangeAlarm:DEvice will make sound alarm when temperature is out of range 
Environment Monitoring
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Environment monitoring & Alarm device

Our devices can monitor various environmental parameters and teh data can be continuously recorded. Also critical parameters can be set adn if the environmental conditions exceed these values, an automated phone call will be made up to 8 operators to inform the alarm condition. The phone calls are repeated until one of them attends and acknowledges the phone. SMS also will be sent simultaneously to all the 8 operators so that everyone will be aware of eh condition. The data can be stored in a computer and can be viewed through internet also from any part of the world.

Packaging Detail:Will be installed by us
Delivery Detail:15-30 days

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