Energy saving gold flotation machine

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Condition:NewType:Flotation SeparatorProduction Capacity:40%-60%Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JoyalModel Number:ZSF,ZJJF,ZXJKVoltage:optionalPower(W):5500-60000
After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service providedColor:red,blue ,grey,greenCQC:ISO9001:2008Installation:Engineer assigned
Spare parts supply:Lifelongwarranty time:1 yearapplication:mining,quarry,constructionaftersale service:lifelong
Energy saving gold flotation machine
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Joyal gold flotation machine inculde ZSF Series, ZJJF Series and ZXJK Series:

Introduction of ZJJF Series Flotation Machine

ZJJF series flotation machine is designed on the basis of principle of Wei Muke flotation machine. It is an ideal self-inspiratory mechanical agitation type flotation machine. The machine has the following features: inspiratory capacity is relatively stable; solid particles suspend better, Impeller installation is shallow depth, Stator has long life, Liquid surface is balance and high Sorting Efficiency. Generally, ZJJF series flotation machine is always applied with ZSF series flotation machine to form a joint unit; ZSF flotation machine is used for inhalation slot of pulp self-absorption while ZJJF series flotation machine is used for DC slot. Thus, operations space is level configuration without foam pump to get high sorting indicators. ZJJF series and ZSF series also play their respective advantages.
It is mainly used for copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals roughing, selection and flotation operations. Its performance is superior to ZXJK type flotation machine.

Model SpecificationZJJF-1.1ZJJF-2.8ZJJF-4
Effective Volume (m3)1.12.84
Impeller Diameter (mm)280350410
Impeller speed (r/min)443360305
Scraper Speed (r/min)181616
Capacity (m3/min)0.35-1.11-2.82-4
Impeller motorModelZY132M-4ZY160L-6ZY160L-6
Power (KW)7.51111
Speed (r/min)1440970970
Scraper motorModelYZ90S-7ZY100L-6ZY100L-6
Power (KW)
Speed (r/min)1400940940

Introduction ofJoyal ZSFSeries Flotation Machine

After years' exploration in mining industry, the technology of flotation has been more and more professional. According to the changing of market conditions, Joyal brand flotation machine has been changed from single cell type to open flow type to meet modern requirements. Flotation machine is mainly used for mineral separation of the non-ferrous metal like copper ore, zinc ore, lead ore, nickel ore, gold ore, etc. It can be also used for the rough concentration and selected concentration of ferrous metal ore and nonmetallic ore.

Features ofJoyal ZSFSeries Flotation Machine

1. Self-suck air without foam pump, low power consumption;
2. Vertical recirculation of slurry can keep solids in suspension;
3. Pulp-air intensive mixed help for solids lifting and suspending;
4. Large volumes of pulp sucked can dispel concentrated soilds at the bottom;
5. Promote positive vertical circulation of pulp;
6. With feed pipe and impeller make sure the pulp is 100% mixed in every cell.

ModelVolume (m3)Impeller Dia (mm)Rotary Speed (r/min)Capacity (M3/min)Air flow (m3/m2 min)Single Tank Weight (kg)Power (kw)Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)

Introduction ofJoyalZXJK Series Flotation Machine

ZXJK series flotation machine flotation process is usually a continuous process by a few tanks, dozens of tank flotation machine connection, including roughing, scavenging, concentration operations. The use of flotation machine should meet the following requirements about equipment and processes, varies parts are complete and intact. Machines function normally and achieve the required aeration rate. Motor drives impeller rotating through belt and pulley. On the one hand, the machine inhaled enough air mixed with slurry, on the other hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and pharmaceutical. At the same time, refinement of the bubble, the particles adhere to the bubbles on the role of reagents and float to the slurry surface. So it the formation of mineralized froth layer and scraped by the scraper.

ZXJK series flotation select high grade concentrate from low grade Ore effectively. It is widely used for copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals roughing, concentration and flotation operations. Especially for fine disseminated and complex composition ore, using this series flotation machine can get better separation effect.

Specifications and modelsZXJK-0.13 (1A)ZXJK-0.23 (2A)ZXJK-0.35 (4A)ZXJK-0.62 (5A)ZXJK-1.1 (5A)ZXJK-2.8 (6A)
Impeller Diameter (mm)200250300350500600
Impeller speed (R / min)600500470400330280
Capacity (m3/min)0.05~0.160.12~0.280.178~0.40.3~0.90.6~1.61.5~3.5
Impeller motorModelZY90L-4ZY100L-4ZY90L-4ZY1342S-6ZY132M-6ZY160L-6
Power kw1.531.535.511
Scraper motorModelZY80L-4ZY80L-4ZY80L-4ZY90L-6ZY90S-4ZY90S-4
Power kw0.550.550.551.11.11.1
Slot size (long×width×high) mm500×500×550600×600 ×650700×700 ×700900×900 ×8501100×1100 ×10001750×1600 ×1100

Packaging Detail:export standard
Delivery Detail:20 days at most

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