Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators is collected from the exhaust of dust by the electrostatic purification , - details see: http://www.machineto.com/electrostatic-precipitators-10225751
Type:dust collectorPlace of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:dahua machineryModel Number:Electrostatic Precipitators
Electrostatic Precipitators
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Electrostatic precipitators is collected from the exhaust of dust by the electrostatic purification , its purifying work is complete by corona and precipitation of the two systems, when the dusty gas into the popular thorn pair of dusty gas by the airflowdistribution boards, and baffle adjustment so that the air can be more evenly into the electric field.Maintenance of the electrostatic precipitator:1, Each flange sealing coupling parts, especially the access door, explosion-proof valve and observe the door, no air leakage phenomenon.2,Lock air valve and the star feeder according to the specific situation on a regular basis to the lubrication points and cam roller surface for grease, paying particular attention to moving parts of the action is coordinated, with or without dislocation, loss and loose, periodic inspection vane, impeller, liner and other wear and tear, such as damaged should be replaced.3,The electric field external rolling bearing and transmission structure at rapping should be lubricated on a regular basis.4,Cathode ray anode plate and distribution plate, for various reasons caused by fouling too thick, more than 5 ~ 10MM should be continuous rapping continuous rapping invalid, should be cut off high voltage carried rapping, such as power rapping does not work when manually cleaning.5, The pressure of the detection of electrostatic precipitators in order to keep abreast of the flue gas temperature and pressure of the working conditions, use of the equipment, feed, exports of flue to install the thermocouple and pressure gauge.6, Such as ash system discharge and a lock air valve failure should be promptly cut off the high voltage after troubleshooting production. 7, Chain and transmission parts for the zipper should be inspected regularly, once found to have incomplete injury of the parts (chain plate deformation, severe wear, the chain off) should be repaired in time to replace if shipped after a period of time, the chain loose, should be remove sections of chain, or star wheel tensioning device to adjust chain sag suitable subject to ensure that the zipper machine running smoothly, and lubrication on a regular basis.8, When electrostatic precipitators is used, shall from time to time minor repairs (using technology to produce parking opportunities) include the following: Check the cathode ray is broken, the anode plate is deformed, the cathode and anode suspension point off loosening. Check the distribution of the plate hole Clogging, the Sassafras wash insulating ceramic shaft to check for rapping hammer off, check the dust in the bearings and rapping gear the cathode incubator sealed felt the timely replacement of dust pollution. Replacement of damaged parts, measuring equipment grounding resistance.To meet customer needs as the first purpose, developed a "quality-oriented, technological innovation, scientific management, customer satisfaction" quality policy, and throughout the day-to-day production and management. The company has R & D and production of various types of dust collector: bag filter, bag filter, pulse dust collector, pulse bag filter, pulse bag filter, stand-alone dust collector, single bag dust collector, rapping dust collector, vibration playing the bag filter, anti-hair bag filter, etc., are widely used in industry and other industries of metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electrical, mechanical and other flue gas cleaning, dust control and material recovery.

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