Electrostatic Precipitator

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Condition:NewType:ESP Dust CollectorPlace of Origin:Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name:JRP
Electrostatic Precipitator
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1 ESP:


Electrostatic precipitator/ESP is with high collection efficiency, but with low-cost and low power consumption.

1.1 Equipment Specification:

a. Specification: 80m2 plate horizontal type 3 fields ESP

b. Type: XWD80X3

c. Qty:1 set

d. Field No./Cell No.: 3 fields/1

e. Rows in field:20

f. Wind velocity of the field≤0.69m/s

g. Effective area of dust: 4800m2

h. Electrode spacing: 400mm

i. Negative pressure in field:-5000Pa

j. Type of anode plate: C type 480mm

k. Type of cathode wire: BS Glochids wire

l. Fume volume at inlet ≤200000m3/h

m. Dust content at inlet: 2~5g/Nm3

n. Dust content at outlet ≤80~100mg/Nm3

o. Air leakage ratio:3%

p. Equipment resistance≤250Pa

1.2 Main technology we used

a. Wide electrode distributed spacing

b. Flexible arm hammer rapping of Cathode and Anode

c. Gas uniform distribution technology at air inlet

d. Safety pin coupler technology

e. Anti-fume bypass system

Packaging Detail:standard of export package
Delivery Detail:1 month

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