electric vehicle dc motor controller

forklift with 24V KW DC Brush series motor with speed Controller, The input: DC: 48V, The output : 0~48V, Amp:200A 300A - details see: http://www.machineto.com/electric-vehicle-dc-motor-controller-10234218
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Jinan Keya Electronic Co., LtdModel Number:MMT-DC12DP200BLMotor Type:DC Motor
color:blackType:Motor Controller  
electric vehicle dc motor controller
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forklift with 24V 4KW DC Brush series motor with speed Controller


The circuit is designed for battery-powered low-voltage high-power direct current motors, use of micro-processing chips and PWM impulse width special chip integration, signal processing,

sampling to protect and promote the circuit more complete and reliable, while improving energy efficiency Conversion ratio.

Application Cope

Can be used in mining trailers, cars, golf carts, electric forklifts, beach vehicles, etc. and others.


1. Voltage monitoring functions:

Detection of the RMS voltage battery, battery when stopped in the low voltage output,

effective protection of a battery of losses, damage, improved battery life.

2. High ability effect conversion ratio

Using a dedicated low-power circuits and high

power devices and greatly reduce the driver's own energy consumption, improve energy efficiency ratio.

3. Over-current function and over temperature function

4. Built-in-charge resistance, polarity protection diodes, to the installation, use of convenience.


The main technical parameters

1. The input voltage: DC: 24V

2. The output voltage: 0~24V

3. The output current: 100A 150A 200A

4. Given signal: Potentiometer: 10K/2W Hall VID (0~5\0~10\4~20mA)

5. Speed ratio: 1:60

6. The :-20+55

7. The ambient humidity: Non-condensing

Packaging Detail:carton box
Delivery Detail:3 days

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