Economic Refrigerated Dryer

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Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:HOLYSUNModel Number:HSD-20HTW
Usage:All food industryVoltage:380VPower(W):5.0HP (compressor)Weight:470kg
Inlet temperature:less than 80deg.CCooling method:Water-cooledDesign dew point:2deg.C-10deg.CRefrigerant:R22
Inlet pressure:0.6-1.0MPaPressure drop:less than 0.02MPaAmbient Temperature:less than 38deg.CCooling water inlet temperature:less than 32deg.C
Cooling water inlet pressure:0.2~0.4MPa   
Economic Refrigerated Dryer
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Economic Refrigerated Dryer

Work Conditions and Technical Data:

Inlet temperature : ≤80°C

Cooling method: Water-cooled

Designed dew point: 2~10°C

Refrigerant: R22

Inlet pressure: 0.6~1.0MPa

Pressure drop: ≤0.02MPa

Cooling water inlet temperature:≤32°C

Cooling water inlet pressure:0.2~0.4MPa

HSD-20HTW Technical data:




Compressor power(HP):5.0

Cooling water circling capacity(Nm³/h):7.5

Air connection:DN80

Cooling water connection: ZG1½"

Net weight(kg):470

Dimensions(mm) :1600*1110*1486(L*W*H)

Model,Size&Technical Data:

Product Features:

I.Advanced technology

We accumulated Hankison’s technology and adopt more scientific,efficient design in the basic of the actual working conditions of China.HOLYSUN brand refrigerated compressed air dryer became one of the leading brands in China because of its’ advanced technology,reliable running and low dew point.

II.Prefect refrigerated system configuration

Initial parts come from foreign famous brands to ensure efficient & system reliable running & life as well.

III.Energy conservation

New design of the heat exchanger, adverse current structure,perfect returning temperature and it won’t freeze.Ripple pipeline of both internal and external of the heat exchanger to increase the using rate of cooling air,Evaporator is made from laminose copper pipeline with aluminum flake,high efficiency of heat exchanging of the perfect structure.

IV.Gas liquid separated thoroughly

Filtering separated with HANKISON element.Thorough separation,avoid the second vaporizing of water,ensuring dry effect.It is better than cyclone separation and it will reach efficiency at 99.99%.

V. Good drainage system

It adopts 3 grades for draining,Electronic drain can lots of condensate water and oil contaminant so as to keep clean and dryness of the system and air, meanwhile reduce system load.

VI.Unique outer box and air exhaust design

No negative pressure and counter current,excellent heat dissipation and convenient for maintenance.

VII.Multi-control of circuitry to supply

Multi-control of circuitry to supply to different users(single control;integrate circuit,linkage control,PC panel,frequency conversion,etc.)

VIII.Superior condenser

Condenser made from fin copper, slow flow, multi-cycling and high heat exchanging won’t freeze for a long time use.

How it works:

The compressed air goes into the pre-cooler(20.21)for pre-cooling.Then goes to the heat exchanger(1),further bringing down the temperature by the refrigerated air,meanwhile,draining out the condensate water.The air entrance to the evaporator for heat exchanging among the refrigerant(2-evaporator),and further cooled by the refrigerated systems.

The compressed air goes through pre-cooler(20.21)heat exchanger(1)and evaporator(2)for cooling step by step,vapor of the air coagulates liquid water,and then through gas/liquid separator(3),draining out the liquid.

The dried air comes out from gas/liquid separator(3),next,goes through heat exchanger(1)for other flow.It’s became calefactive when leaving the dryer

Company profile:

Shanghai HOLYSUN Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.Established in 1993,is an integrated enterprise which is specialized in compressed air purification equipment, Holysun integrates scientific research,manufacture,sales and service.We’ve holding with technology innovation and processional spirit persistently,meanwhile taking the advanced designing concept and exquisite techniques from USA. We’ve passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Authentication &Manufacturing license etc. Successfully promoted high quality air treatment system to our customers,set-up the efficient before & after service as well.

Our company accumulated production and sales experience of compressed air treatment for a long-term year,integrating the advanced technology from abroad with our practical conditions,we designed & manufactured HOLYSUN brand HSD series Refrigerated Air Dryer,Absorbing Air Dryer,After Cooler,Air chiller Set,Industry using Water Cooler,HF series High-efficient precision-filter (home made filter housing, Hankison element)etc.Totally 13 series,300sorts of products which are widely used in electrical,metallurgy,electron,mechanism,petroleum,chemical industry,auto industry,textile industry,chemical fiber stuff,air treatment, cigarette, biology,medicine,daily chemical industry and so on.Our company has always been keeping ahead on this line.

The HOLYSUN’s headquarter is in Shanghai,meanwhile has offices among Beijing,Guangzhou,Jinan,Shenyang,Zhengzhou,Wuhan, Chengdu and Wu-xi which responsible for before & after-sales technology consultation,business negotiation as well as maintenance service,perfect sales & service network assuring the equipment’s running smoothly year by year.

HOLYSUN Machinery ,Sino-America technology,the global leader in compressed air treatment.


In Oct. 1999, American Hankison products were first introduced to Chinese consumers.
In Jun. 2003, production facilities were established in Shanghai. An official website was launched for

online marketing and sales.
In Aug. 2004, Externally heated dryer & Refrigerated dryer were successfully developed and launched. These machines

became widely utilized in the food industry.
In Nov. 2005, the all new HSD series air dryer was unveiled. It was designed to accommodate Chinese working conditions and perfectly complements the existing series of compressed air purification drying equipment.
In Mar. 2006, Jinan HOLYSUN Air Supply Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. This subsidiary provided a base of

operations for company development in the northern regions of China.
In Oct. 2006, in anticipation of future expansions, offices were established in Shenyang, Beijing,Qingdao, and other major cities.
In Dec. 2006, we were recognized as a Top Ten Air Dryer Brand in China.
In May. 2007, second generation HRD refrigerated air dryer was developed, further enhancing manufacturing technology.
In Dec. 2007, our products were introduced to the international market.
In Mar. 2008, the blower purge desiccant compressed air dryer with zero air consumption was launched, the testament of a

whole new level of technological advancement within the domestic industry.
In Feb. 2009, Wuxi Holysun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded.
In Jun. 2009, offices were established in strategically relevant locations such as Hangzhou and Nanchang.
In Aug. 2009, we became certified by the revised edition of the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system by The Lloyd's.
In May. 2010, the negative pressure air cooler and the low temperature refrigerated dryer were launched. This signified the

diversification of our development path.
In Aug. 2010, we successfully passed the industry production license examination and received the corresponding certificate.
In Oct. 2010, the HOLYSUN national sales meeting was held in Shanghai, initiating the start of our journey to becoming an

internationally recognized brand.
In Aug. 2011, the 72000m3/h compression heat purge desiccant air dryer was launched.
In Nov. 2011, offices were established in Chengdu, providing a strategic base of operations for expanding the west and

southwest regions of China.
In Jan. 2012, the mini portable desiccant air dryer was successfully developed; this energy saving device ushered in a new era

in the field of desiccant dryers.

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Packaging Detail:The commodity will be completely packed into standard export wooden case.
Delivery Detail:15 work days

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