DWNJ600 Atmospheric Jigger Dyeing Machine

1. high efficiency atmospheric jigger dyeing machine., 2. water consumption: 10-20 L/fabric per kg - details see: http://www.machineto.com/dwnj600-atmospheric-jigger-dyeing-machine-10277902
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:FYIModel Number:DWNJ600 
DWNJ600 Atmospheric Jigger Dyeing Machine
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Model No:

DWNJ400, DWNJ600


DWNJ atmospheric temperature jigger dyeing machine series, from small samples to the high-capacity jig dyeing machine, are suitable for bleaching and dyeing woven fabrics of natural fibers, weighing 50~1000g/m2under normal temperature and normal pressure.


l DWNJ atmospheric jig dyeing machines operate at atmospheric temperatures and pressures. The machines are applied for natural fibres.

l Fully developed, capable of desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing and others.

l Computer-directed fully automatic setup, which is first-rate in international level, fully meeting all technical requirements and avoiding the possibility of human errors in operation.

l Human-computer interface control and humanized design, and major components of international famous brands, ensuring excellent quality.

l Uniform dyeing conditions in the dye trough, independent of the batch size

l A dye trough design ensuring minimum possible liquor ratio

l Fabric rope monitoring control system for precise calculation and control of the fabric speed and tension

l Dosing of dyes and chemicals dependent on the fabric length passing through the dye bath

l Water meter for controlled rinsing

l External pump and heat exchanger ensure uniform liquor heating and circulation

l Easy maintenance

Design data:

l Jigger model: DWNJ400 DWNJ600

l Roller width: 2000-3400mm

l Fabric width(max.): 3200mm

l Batch diameter(max.): 1400mm

l Driving system: Inverters

l Speed (min-max.) 10-120m/min

l Automation: Complete

l Steam pressure: min. 3.5 bar, max. 4.5bar

l Water pressure: min. 2 bar, max. 4 bar

l Air pressure: min. 6 bar, max. 8 bar

l Loading/unloading side: right or left please specify

Technical Parameter:

Model of Jig Dyeing Machine

Normal Temperature And Pressure Jig Dyeing Machine


Technical Parameters

Roller Width (max.)











Batch Diameter (max.)80012001400
Main Cloth Roller (max.)3000325350
Twitch Roller (max.)100120150

Process Speed

Bath Temperature°C989898
Installed CapacityKVA151525

Packaging Detail:wooden package
Delivery Detail:T/T, make shipment in 2-3 mouths

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