DWHY252 Yarn Dyeing Machine

1. high temperature package yarn dyeing machine., 2. various kind of capacity for your choice. - details see: //www.machineto.com/dwhy252-yarn-dyeing-machine-10277643
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:FYIModel Number:DWHY252 
DWHY252 Yarn Dyeing Machine
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Model No.



High Temperature Yarn Package Dyeing Machine:For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after treatment of packages, bobbins, loose fibre, hank yarn, beamed yarn, tapes, etc..


l High automatic level, programmable computer controller provides automatic process control for dyeing machines at various dyeing stages;

l Extreme low bath ratio (1: 4 to 1: 6)

l Unique technique enhances dyeing levelness

l Excellent technical reproducibility and convenient operability

l Parts which are in contact with dyeing liquor are wholly made of corrosion resistance super quality stainless steel and featuring long service endurance;

l Adapts frequency conversion control;

l Designed balanced mixed flow pump or centrifugal pump of high efficiency and high corrosion resistance;

l Forward and backward circulation of dyeing liquor completed automatically via the reversing system inside the pump;

l Flow call be adjusted randomly and this can reduce the consumption of starting and unloading

l Excellent safety performance, adapts self-enclosedseal lock structure hand operated with safety linkage device;

l Uncap structure adapts balance weight mode or air-operated mode with balance weight;

l Heat exchange coil is set in bottom of dyeing vessel to reduce heat loss and raise thermal efficiency;

l Predigests operations of multi-functions, including influent, drainage, inside flux and outside flow;

Design data:

l Model: DWHY252

l Liquor ratio: 1:6

l Temperature (max.): 150°C

l Temperature of heat exchanger: 160°C

l Pressure of heat exchanger: 6 bar

l Steam pressure: 4 bar

l Driving system: Inverters

l Automation: Complete

Technical Specification:

ModelBobbin per spindlePower(kw)SpindleBobbinMax. capacity (kg)


DWHY 252-9013.2519114136.8
DWHY 252-10522.224144172.8
DWHY 252-12033.736216259.2
DWHY 252-14540.754324388.8
DWHY 252-16648.769414496.8
DWHY 252-18658.790540648
DWHY 252-20578.7108648777.6
DWHY 252-22693.7134804964.8
DWHY 252-256113.71649841180.8
DWHY 252-43


DWHY 252-5310.164857.6
DWHY 252-70


DWHY 252-8525.718162194.4
DWHY 252-9025.719171205.2
DWHY 252-10533.724216259.2
DWHY 252-12040.736324388.8
DWHY 252-14558.754486583.2
DWHY 252-16678.768612734.4
DWHY 252-18693.790810972.0
DWHY 252-205113.71089721166.4
DWHY 252-226135.713211881425.6
DWHY 252-256183.716414761771.2
DWHY 252-85


DWHY 252-9033.719228273.6
DWHY 252-10533.724288345.6
DWHY 252-12048.736432518.4
DWHY 252-14578.754648777.6
DWHY 252-16693.769828993.6
DWHY 252-186113.79010801296
DWHY 252-205153.710812961555.2
DWHY 252-226183.713416081929.6
DWHY 252-256223.716419682361.6
Packaging Detail:wooden packeage
Delivery Detail:T/T. make shipment within 2 mouths

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