DWCD-DP200 Fabric Pre-shriankge Relaxing Dryer

Fabric Pre-shriankge Relaxing Dryer designed for driving,shrinkaging knit or woven fabrics, Perfect tensionless conveying system - details see: http://www.machineto.com/dwcd-dp200-fabric-pre-shriankge-relaxing-dryer-10278345
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:FYIModel Number:DWCD-TP2000 
DWCD-DP200 Fabric Pre-shriankge Relaxing Dryer
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DWRD Series Fabric Pre-shriankge Relaxing Dryerfor knitted and woven fabrics is treated under the total relax form, on the conveyor belts, with tumbling movements, for achieving the dimensional stability by means of overfeed to obtain length shrinkage, better handle bulking to the fabric.

General description:

DWRD High Efficiency Tensionless Conveyor Dryersare designed for drying and shrinking dyed or bleached knit fabrics and delicate woven fabrics, in tubular or open width form and made of 100% cotton or synthetics or woolen and its blends.


DWRD Series Relax Dryersare offered with Steam/Hot Thermic oil / Natural Gas / Electrical heating system, dry saturated steam at 7 bar is required. Rock wool with high thermal resistance: good thermal protection

Conveyor Belt

With strong and sturdy modular construction, theRelax dryeris designed to achieve reproducible overfeed up to 50% and is provided with Teflon – glass Conveyors, lower fabric Transporting Conveyor and upper Restraining Conveyor. Conveyors are equipped with automatic centering device and mechanical or pneumatic tensioning devices.


l Suitable for tubular, open width knit as well as woven fabrics;

l Perfect tensionless conveying system offers lowest residual shrinkage;

l Possible for both drying and heat treatment;

l Suitable steam, oil, gas heating system;

l Can also run three layer of fabric side by side;

l Automatic temperature control system for each chamber;

l A.C. Inverter drive for blower;

l Low tension finishing of knitting goods;

l Minimum residual shrinkage;

l Low cost of energy;

l Innovative machinery design;

l High efficiently radiator for heat transfer;

l Uniform chamber temperature along the width;

l Overfeed adjustments possible to suit various fabric;

l PLC+PMU Man-machine control system: visual and convenient operation


Working width600-4200 mm others on request
Drying Chamber3-8 chamber
TemperatureMax. 170°C-Thermal oil Heating

Max. 140°C-Steam Heating

Length of drying chamber3000mm
Evaporation capacity180kg water per hour and per chamber
Machine speed3-35m/min.

Higher speed according to the requirements

Fabric guidanceSingle and multiple-track

According to design and working width

Heating systemSteam, Direct Natural Gas, Thermic Oil
PowerEntry Exit 4.4 kw Main - Drive 3.5 kw - Chamber per each 15.0 kw
Packaging Detail:wooden package
Delivery Detail:T/T. make shipment in 30 days

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