DP11 Gear Hobs-China

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Place of Origin:Chongqing China (Mainland)Brand Name:XWGJMaterial:HSSUsage:Gear Hob
Model Number:DP3-DP24,DP11 Gear Hobs-Chinaitems:DP11 Gear Hobs-Chinamodule:DP3-DP24Pressure Angle:PA20
Thread:Single Thread   
DP11 Gear Hobs-China
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HSS DP11 Gear Hobs-China


1, HSS Diemetral Pitch Gear Hob/Hob Cutters/Hobbing Tools

Single Thread,Right Hand,Straight Flute,Zero Rake Angle,

HSS-M2(Hardness 64-66),HSS-M35(Hardness65-67)

ClassAA,A,ClassB,Tin coat or TiAlN coat

2,Specifications and Main Data of DP Gear Hobs Mn1-Mn10

3,Simple Drawings of Gear Hob Cutters Diametral Pitch

4. Use of DP Gear Hob/Hobbing Cutter/Hob Cutters

gear hob (diameter pitch) used for processing profile Angle for 14 30, depth factor f = 1, radial clearance coefficient c = 0.157 involute cylindrical gear

5. Quality Assurance of DP Gear Hobs/Hob Cutters

Packaging Detail:safe packing
Delivery Detail:20days after confirming payment

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