Diesel Powered Forklifts

Textile Machines.Electric forklift is a combination of durability&ergonomics, providing productivity unmatched by other forklift - details see: https://www.machineto.com/diesel-powered-forklifts-10276531
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Diesel Powered Forklifts
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Fork Lift
The new generation R series forklift is a combination of durability and ergonomics, providing productivity unmatched by other forklifts and is comfortable for hours of tireless operation. It is Environmentally Friendly , Servicing is simple , efficient on the job, adhers to high standards of safety. It’s a perfect tool for the most demanding applications.

The transmission can be chosen among OKAMURA, NISSAN and HC( Made in china with Japanese technology ). Among them, the OKAMURA transmission adopts advanced float type structure that can achieve a flexible connection between engine and frame, the transmission of vibrations to the frame is reduced. The engine can be chosen among the TD27, C240, 4JG2, 4TNV94L diesel engine and H20, H25 gasoline engine . All engines come with great power, economical fuel consumption and dependable functions.

Advanced ergonomic technology optimizes the design of control system , improves the comfort of operation very much.
Advanced vibration-reduction technology design in each part reduces the vibrations substancially in the whole truck . Among them the hood is designed to full floating type and vibration reduction device for steering axle results in more comfortable operation.
The torque converter models adopts electronic-hydraulic forward-reverse control technology, meaning less effort and less time to carry out the often performed activities.
Recently developed redirector decreases the steering wheel force to 6~8N only, this is 50% lesser compared to the former model.
The grease fittings and bushes added around the shaft of control mechanism decreases the force of pedal, that is a reduction of 30% compared with the former truck.

Newly adopted combined type aluminium radiator, improves the radiator cooling performance greatly.
Advanced heat dissipation technology improves heat dissipation channel, that enhances the truck heat dissipation capability further, the water temperature is reduced 15% compared with the former truck.

Oil seal rings used for titling cylinder , lifting cylinder and turning cylinder all adher to first class international technology , the sealing performance has been proven through tens of thousands fatigue tests.
The soft landing system for lifting cylinder decreases the level of noise and shock when the mast is lowered to the termination phase.

The 1-3.5t forklifts all adopt the new type break drum. Waterproof slot on the brake drum and framework oil seal on the axle tube avoid water or oil entering the brake drum, enhancing the dependability of the brakes.

The latest R Series trucks have a very good aesthetic appeal along with fluidic appearance.
The large engineering plastic covering enables the whole truck looks friendly and natural.

Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is much better, the hoisting capacity at same lift height is enhanced by an average of 100kg compared with the former truck. At the same time, it prolongs the continuous work time of the truck.
The travelling speed of truck has been raised, for example, the 2-2.5t type comes to 20km/h.
Increasing the hard proportion of hydraulic pipe adopting right angle connector reduces the pressure loss in the pipeline, and raises the lifting speed of mast, the speed is increased by an average of 10% compared with the former truck.
Turning radius and width of right angle stacking aisle are decreased through reducing the dimensions of the whole truck, that raise’s the forklift capability level during usage.

Dual air spring supporting hood and one-touch removal of the floorboard reduces the downtime in servicing.
A reasonable design of fuse board and installation of instrument’s enables easier fuse replacement. Maintanance of the forklift is also easy.

The environmentally friendly engines all meet EU stage- II emission regulation. The noise emission also comes up to EU standard.
The metal hood and molding sound insulation matches environmental protection standards.

1t , 1.5t , 1.75t , 2t , 2.5t , 3t , 3.5t , 4t , 4.5t , 5t , 6t , 7t , 8t , 10t , 14t , 16t
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