CY280B,CY280C Large Package Two-for-one Twister

CY280B,CY280C Large Package Two-for-one Twisters are applied to twist various yarns: industrial cusir, tyre cord, and so on. - details see:
Condition:NewType:Two-for-one TwisterPlace of Origin:TaiwanBrand Name:chaoyang
Model Number:CY280B,CY280CSpinning Method:two-for-one twistingAutomatic:No 
CY280B,CY280C Large Package Two-for-one Twister
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CY280BCY280C Large Package Two-for-one Twisters

Applied range

It is applied to twist various yarns, including: industrial cusir, tyre cord, belt adherent yarn, fishing net yarn, bag cloth and belt yarn, etc.


1. It adopts computer automatic Godet-forming system, and the speed of yarn guiding is unlimited;

2. It can process 6~8kg and 6~13kg bobbin by one time, the package volume of spindles is filled out and the production efficiency is highly improved;

3. The range of production is wide, the biggest fiber may reach 12000d, and the minimum twist may reach 20t/m;

4. Pedal-braking system is more easy to operate, and the longevity of apron belt and spindle will prolong at the same time;

5. The perdurable stability of high quality spindle at the high-speed operation;

6. Two-step drive device make the force-enduring reasonable, and the frequency converter control the motor, it is easier to adjust the speed of spindle.

Technical Parameter

Form of operationDouble sides and single layer,

thread manually

Number of spindles8n, 64 spindles are standard
Spindle gauge550mm
Spindle speed range500-9000r/min
Twist range20-1000T/M
Twist directionS or Z
Spindle tensionerBall or capsule type
Size of reversing bobbin¢75×¢86×300
Size of winding bobbin¢75×¢86×300
Rated power22kw
Start-up modeFrequency converter start-up slowly
Take-up angle0-30°
Filar guide to-and fro timesMaximum 60t/min
Take-up speedMaximum 120m/min
Take-up packageMaximum 8kg or 13kg
Spindle driveApron belt circulation drive
Packaging Detail:wooden support
Delivery Detail:in 2 month

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