Specifications, It takes the DSP as its core processor;, has five working modes;, be widely used in factory automation equipme - details see: http://www.machineto.com/ct-01-10233745
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)Brand Name:ContorModel Number:CT-01Motor Type:Other
controller:motion controller   
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Detailed Product Description

When under the synchronous rotation tracking mode, we can change the 5 group parameters below by man-machine interface touch screen.

1. 5 Groups Setting Length (mm)

2. 5 Groups Setting Quantity

3. Zero Stability

4. Synchronous Stability

5. Cutting Drum Pulse Coefficient (mm / p)

6. Tachometer Wheel Pulse Coefficient (mm / p)

7. Simultaneously Shear Zone Angle (degrees)

8. Ratio of Speed Up And Slow Down District Area (%)

9. Acceleration (M/S2)

10. Over speed Factors (%)

11. Cutting-edge Perimeter (mm)

12. Emulational Feeding Materials Speed (M/S)

The Basic Configuration of the CT-01 Motion Controller

Processor:High speed DSP processor from American TI Company

Working:Independently work or serial communication with PC.

Encoder-One:Incremental encoder (5V), position and speed input, high speed optical isolation, orthogonal capture.

Encoder-Two:Incremental encoder (5V), position and speed input, high speed optical isolation, orthogonal capture.

Digital Input:8-way optical isolation input, 1ms sample rate.

Digital Input:8-way optical isolation input, drive relay, drive capability 24V, 100mA, can be chosen as LED display.

Serial Interface:RS485 is connected by nine-needle D-type plug, can be chosen as PC interface, or HMI interface.

Mode Output:Two-way high speed optical isolation mouth Bit 12, D/A delivery outlet, ±10V

Pulse Output:As PWM timing output, or position pulse output, optical isolation two-way output.

Reset:Hardware reset terminal mouth

Power Requirements: 24V 500mA

Ambient Temperature:Ambient temperature 55°C with no fan.

Packaging Detail:Carton box
Delivery Detail:10 Days

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