corn seeder,seed drill,seeder,maize planter

The latest style corn drill in 2012..pls click it for more about 2BYSF series corn seeder. - details see:
Condition:NewType:farming machineryApplication:seeding cropsUse:sowing maize or soybean
Place of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name:NonghahaModel Number:2BYSF-3Weight:190kg
corn seeder,seed drill,seeder,maize planter
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corn seed drill,planter,seeder,corn planter

Use and characterstic

This kind of precision seeder must match with the four-wheel types tractors,which maily be used for seeding the single seed or double seeds accurately (you may chose). it also sow the crystalline granule fertilizer while seeding.which can finish furrowing, fertilizing,seeding,covering earth,pressing etc,the two rows seeder can cover plastic film mulch when install the covering-film device.


  1. The seeding unit can seed exactly, the rate of quantity of seeding seeds can reach more than 80%.
  2. It can seed in a high speed,the speed of seeding can reach 8 km/h when the planting spacing less than 20 cm.
  3. Accurately seeding planting spacing . even seeding, reduce the competition of the seeding growing, the growing of the seeding in better and the output of the crop in high.
  4. The two kinds of seeder unit can be used on the seeder, the one is for single seed,other one is for double seeds, when your seeds is better, you may chose the seeder with seeder unit of single seeds for seeding in precision( one hole one seeds).if the seeds is genral seeds,you may chose the seeder with seeder unit of double seeds(one hole two seeds).
  5. The transmission axles of each row are contacted as a whole, driving with consistant turn speed. The transmitting power is strong, even though one of the rows’ ground wheel silps suddenly, which can not affect the normal sowing.
  6. The seeders’ planting spacing of the whole seeder can be changed by a gearbox, which can provide four kinds of rows spacing.the whole seeders’planting spacing of each row can be changed as long as changing the transmission ratio of gearbox.
  7. All the gears in gearbox are made of the best steel carburized, all the transmission Components were put to use the quality of rolling bearing,reliable performance.
Overall dimensions


Minimum Power of tractor kW








Sowing number234
Row distance(mm)428~630428~800428~570
Planting distance(mm)

Single model 120,140,173,226,280,310

Double model 240,280,346,452,560,620


Qualification rate of row distance85%85%85%
Plough dept


Fertilize depth


Sowing depth


Max fertilize rate (kg)


Sowing rate(kg/Acre)


Fertilizer hopper capacity(L)426886
Seed hopper capacity(L)8.5×28.5×38.5×4
The max speed under the model of single seed (km/h)

5.0(planting distance 140 mm)

6.0(planting distance 173 mm)

8.0(planting distance 226 mm)

10.0(planting distance 280 mm)

Working efficiency hm2/h

( Acre/h)







vertical distance seeds and fertilizer in fields(mm)


Packaging Detail:wooden cases
Delivery Detail:within 15 days

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