commercial water purification systems

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Type:ROMedium Material:OtherPlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:WaterHome
Model Number:RO-1000IWorking Process:Sand +GAC+PP+Softener+ROMembrane:Hydranautics membraneControl System:PLC & autotrol valve
commercial water purification systems
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RO Water Treatment System
Mostly use in pure water and mineral water purification.The water purification is the removal of contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption.RO Water Purification Equipment
1. Brief introduction
Water treatment systems are customized and manufactured according to the local water conditions and flow rate requirements. The systems utilize an quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, softener, PP filter for the pretreatment of raw water. The pretreatment process not only removes order, color and some bacteria, but protects the RO membrane as well, which helps to prolong the life of the RO water treatment equipment and is the main function of the pure water treatment machine. The reverse osmosis (RO) is used as the core part the water treatment system to produce pure drinking water, and is also the most economical method of removing 90% to 99% contaminants. Besides, the water treated by our pure/mineral reverse osmosis water treatment equipment tastes sweet.
Our water treatment equipment or water purification equipment is mainly divided into reverse osmosis water treatment machine and ulrtrafiltration water treatment machines. The water treatment equipments is generally adopted by pure water plant,mineral water plant,bottled water plant, beverage processing plant, etc. and used in pure water production line, beverage production line, fruit juice production line, yogurt production line, and more.
2. Filter materials
In light of corrosion, pressure, vibration and temperature when choosing filter materials, we offer tailor-made solutions according to raw water conditions of our customers. For example, if the TDS of raw water is very high, customers will be recommended to use fiber glass filter tank so as to optimize the whole water treatment system and also prolong the life of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.
3. Advantages
1) Our pure water treatment equipment can remove all types of contaminants to some extent, including particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, colloids and dissolved inorganics.
2) Minimal maintenance is required and thus the water treatment machine is very economical.
3) We provide tailor-made systems as per raw water condition and specific needs of customers.
4) The water treated by our pure water treatment equipment tastes sweet.
Angel Drinking Water Equipment Company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers drinking water treatment equipment in China. To satisfy diversified needs of customers, we provide many different models of the water treatment equipment, which are popular with customers. Meanwhile, water bottling equipment, water filling equipment, wrap shrink packaging machine, and more, are also available. For more information about our drinking water equipment, please go to products page or directly contact us. We at Angel are ready to serve you.

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