Cold trentment

Material :AISI 304 stainless steel, Packing :Wooden boxes, Minimum order quantity :1 unit, Order deliver:by air or sea - details see:
Cooling Type:liquid nitrogenMaterial:MetalPlace of Origin:Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name:crygenic
Model Number:DC-800Color:Blue  
Cold trentment
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-196 ° c metal cryogenic equipment (American technology China packaging)

DC-series program control deep cold box is intended for low-temperature treatment of metal materials, low-temperature tempering and aging/stress release or samples frozen need different cooling rate requirements etc. Using the latest heating technology, temperature and liquid dispersion technology allowing the programmed temperature, constant temperature, cooling the process uniformity and stability. With liquid nitrogen cooling for refrigerant, meet and environmental requirements. Products are horizontal, vertical, rectangular, cylindrical, and other specifications and can be requested by the user to design and manufacture. Products can be used in mechanical engineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical, food processing, medical research, plant conservation, aerospace, animal husbandry, etc. This series of products have been widely applied in many industries at home and abroad.

The most common application is designed by cryogenic/cooling for enhanced metal work wear resistance and dimensional stability, makes the tool, cutting tools, molds, precision machinery parts, injection equipment, gear, bearing service life is increased several times.

-196 ° c with liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment can make a significant change in organization, effectively contributed to the transformation of austenite and ultrafine carbon Martensitic precipitation, make the product better integrated mechanical properties, after cryogenic product life than conventional heat over four times of great value.

Cold trentment
Packaging Detail:wooden box
Delivery Detail:20 weeks day

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