Cold Chamber

1.Meet health standards., 2.R22, R404A and ammonia refrigerants., 3.Easy to use and maintenance., 4.Energy saving. - details see:
Temperature:5degree to -30degreePlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:YIJINGCapacity:10~20000m³
Type:Cold storage room   
Cold Chamber
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1.Which country and which city the cold room located?
2.Cold room being installing inside the building or putting outside the house?
3.What is the ambient temperature(°C)
4.Inside dimension of the cold room?(m)
5.What Kind of products is gonna store in the room?
6.The material of cold room panel;(Including the wall panel, floor and roof panel)
7.The thickness of cold room panel;(Including the wall panel, floor and roof panel)(mm)?
8.Required temperature inside the cold room(°C)?
9.How much kilograms of products put in cold room per once(kg/once)?
10.Original temperature of products before put into the cold room(°C)
11.Within how many hours to cool the products down to the request temperature?(12 hours or 24 hours)
12.Which refrigerant required for the refrigeration unit?R22 or R404A


Factory Workshop

Packaging and Transportation

Cold Room Maintenance


Use a soft cleaning cloth with a mild detergent to wipe away dirt and stains on the interior and exterior mental finishes of the refrigerated warehouse.

Use a clean damp cloth to remove any chemical residue.

Use a soft dry cloth to dry up finishes.

Warning: Never use abrasive and corrosive type of cleaner.
Never use any form of cleaning agent that contains any form of acid to clean galvanized aluminum cold room panel.

2.Door gasket
Check and clean walk-in door gaskets periodically, prevent door gasket stress and leaking.
3. Cam lock pug button

Missing plug buttons should be replaced as necessary to eliminate moisture accumulating in the insulation of the fabricated sandwich PU panel.

4.Heater cable

Ensure that cold room door and pressure relief port heaters function properly to avoid frost or condensation appearing at exterior edges of the door on all sides.
5.Door hardware
Check and tighten screws on hinge, latch, handle and door breaker.
Hinges are lubricated at the factory for ease of operation. They should be lubricated every three months with petroleum jelly.


Overcrowded or improper stocking prevents good air circulation blowed from fan blades of the indoor fan coil unit.

Always create a sanitary environment inside the cold storage compartment with periodic cleaning and disinfection.


Packaging Detail:Wooden Package for Units and Parts.Plastic Package for Panels
Delivery Detail:15Days-30Days

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