CNC router machine for woodworking

1.high speed wood engraving machine, 2.adopted brushless water cooled spindle, 3.stepper motor ,rack and pinion - details see:
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:DEELEEModel Number:1325working size:1300*2500
CNC router machine for woodworking
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1. Woodworking industry: the main relief sculpture suitable for hardwood, mahogany furniture and antique furniture, classical sculpture processing, wood craft, gift boxes, jewelry boxes of wood products, decorative products, sculpture, jewelry fine carvings.

2. Advertising industry: processing of a variety of patterns suitable for a variety of signs and the mold, such as: Division licenses, building models, badges, being chapter, nameplates, panels, logo, numbers, signs, decorations, furniture, etc. .

3. Other: also available for portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seals and other graphic art sculptures, copper, aluminum, iron processing industry


1.DL-1215 type engraving machine is a unique design for mahogany, antique furniture, designed and developed three-dimensional relief carving machine, high speed, high precision, fully meet the requirements needed for carving.

2. Triaxial dust design, gantry movement, the whole cast bed, strong and durable without deformation.


Working Area: 1300*2500*100mm

Max Moving Speed: 8000mm/min

Max Engraving Speed: 4000mm/min

Spindle Speed: 6000-24000rpm

Spindle: 1.5KW

Tool Diameter: 3.175, 6

Voltage: AC220/50HZ

Working Dictate: HPGL, G Code



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CNC router machine for woodworking
Packaging Detail:plywood standard wooden case
Delivery Detail:as you request

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