Cheap curtain eyeleting machine

Manual eyelet machine., Application:Fabric, Canvas, Banner, Poster, Sailcloth, Flexible materials, etc., Easy to use. - details see:
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:DisenModel Number:DS-Eyelet-Manual-2
Dimension(L*W*H):38*39.5*31cmWeight:18 kgWarranty:one yearName:Cheap curtain eyeleting machine
Product:eyelet machineMaterial:IronGross weight:18 kgSize:38*39.5*31cm
Delivery time:3 days against paymentPayment:Paypal / Western Union/ T/T / L/C  
Cheap curtain eyeleting machine
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Eyelet machine

1. Details


eyelet machine




38 * 39.5 * 31cm

Gross weight

18 kg

Delivery time

3 days against payment


Paypal / Western Union/ T/T / L/C

Fabric, Canvas, Banner, Poster, Sailcloth, Flexible materials, etc.

3. Introduction

(1). With dual safety circuit design, preventing from continuous impact.

(2). Usually, a couple of grommets are made on the banner fabric, while our machine just use only one grommet to make the eyelet.

(3). The good for using one grommet is the fixing speed can be 5 times faster than using a couple of grommets.

(4). The operation is more convenient and the worker can make 30 eyelets per minute(1800 eyelets per hour).

(5). The machine can reduce the material cost by using one grommet.

(6). The eyelets are not easy to rust by using one grommet in this way.

eyelet machine

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Cheap curtain eyeleting machine

Cheap curtain eyeleting machine

Cheap curtain eyeleting machine

Cheap curtain eyeleting machine

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1. Grommets:

There are nearly 70 kinds of different grommets for choosing : different sizes, different colors, different grades,etc.

2. Dies:

Three popular models for choosing: 4# ( 10mm), 5#( 12mm), 6#( 14mm).

Manual eyelet machine Steps
Step 1: Using hex keys, loosen upper and lower screws (they hold die pieces in place).

Place cap die in the bottom hole of snap press. The cap die is the solid metal one with a curved top.

The hex key can be used to secure the cap die in place, however this isn really necessary as it stays in place on its own.

Step 2: Decide which side of the snap you want to apply first (socket or stud), then insert the appropriate die piece in the snap press. We have decided to use a socket die. When die is in place, tighten the screw with the smallest hex key to hold it in place

Step 3: Find a socket piece and snap it into the socket die. It will click in place

Step 4: Take the cap piece and push the cap prong into the fabric. It doesn need to push all the way through the fabric, just hold it firmly in place.

Step 5: Place the cap into the cap die (it should fit snugly into the die dimple). Keep hold of the fabric to prevent it moving.

Step 6: Push the handle down very firmly with your free hand (watch your fingers). Be sure to press hard? the centre prong needs to be well flattened (if not, the snap won snap).

Step 7: Release the handle. Gently tug to release fabric from the top die.

Step 8: Change top die to stud die and repeat these procedures.
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Packaging Detail:Carton case,Machine dimensions(L*W*H):38*39.5*31cm,Gross weight:18kg
Delivery Detail:three days

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