CE certificate permanent magnet brushless ac servo motor

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Brand Name:DachengModel Number:DCM-C250Type:Servo MotorFrequency:50/60Hz
Output Power:9-55KWProtect Feature:WaterproofPhase:Three-phaseCertification:CE
AC Voltage:380-440V ACPlace of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 3permanent magnet ac servo motor:three phase brushless ac servo motor
lower price:low costhigh precision:middle inertiaenergy saving:good performanceservo motor drive:servo motor driver
3-phase servo motor:brsushless servo motorservo motor controller:servo motor  
CE certificate permanent magnet brushless ac servo motor
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Speed mode:
1.+10V---- -10V different bipolar analog input
2.8 segments internal speed control
3.5 segments speed curve control
4.RS232 digital speed control

Standard Specification



Input Power

Three phase AC380V




Control Method

Location ControlSpeed ControlTorque ControlJOG Running

Regenerative Braking


Control Input

forward rotation servo enabledbackward rotation servo enabledforward rotation driven prohibitedbackward rotation driven prohibitedSpeed option 1Speed option 2Speed option 3Torque/speed limited option

Control Output

Servo ReadyServo Alarmpositioning completedspeed arrival zero speed

Location control

Impulse frequency

Max Input0~500kHz(displacement input),Max Input0~200kHz(collector input)

Electronic gear


Control precision


Input method

Pulse + symbol forward pulse/reverse pulse two phase A/B orthogonal pulse(positive logic)

pulse + symbol forward pulse/backward pulse two phase A/B orthogonal pulse(negative logic)

Programmable Speed Control

8 bit field internal programmable speed control

Feedback impulse

2500 line/revolution, 10000 impulse/revolution

Torque limit

0~±10VDC(max value match max torque)

Speed control

Speed scope


Speed response frequency


Speed fluctuation rate

<±0.03%(load 0~100%);<±0.02%(power supply -15~+10%)

Torque rate

0~±10VDC(max value matching rated torque)

Torque control

Analog Input


Speed limit

0~±10VDC(max value matching rated speed)

Surveillance function

Running speed, current location, command pulse accumulation , location deviation, motor torque, motor current, bus voltage, running status, input/ output terminal signal and so on

Protecting function

Over speed,main power source over-voltage or under-voltage, over-load, over-current, encoder anomaly, main circuit overheat, location out-of- tolerance and so on

Appropriate load inertia

Less than 15 times the rotor inertia(when load inertia is 5 times more than rotor inertia, you should connect external braking resister.)

Environmental condition


At running:0~40°C At store:-20°C~75°C


40%~90%(free from condensation)

Air pressure




Cooling mode

Cold wind

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Frame sizeDCM-C250ADCM-C250BDCM-C250C1
Rated output power (KW)13.51718.5
Rated speed(rpm)150015001500
Rated torque(N.m)85108.4117.8
The max torque (N.m)170216.8235.6
Adaptive driver model

According to customer’s requirement

Rotary transformer

1024p/r(Resolution factor:4096)

Environmental Requirements

Temperature: 0~55°C working, conservation -20~80°C;Humidity:working/keep≤90%RH(non condensing);Elevation≤1000meters,Virbration≤5.88m/s2,10~60Hz

Frame sizeDCM-C250C2DCM-C250D1DCM-C250D2
Rated output power (KW)18.52222
Rated speed(rpm)200015002000
Rated torque(N.m)88.34140.1105.05
The max torque (N.m)176.68280.2210.1
Frame sizeDCM-C250E1DCM-C250E2DCM-C250F1
Rated output power (KW)272730
Rated speed(rpm)15002000


Rated torque(N.m)171.9128.9191
The max torque (N.m)343.8257.9382
Adaptive driver model

According to customer’s requirement

Frame sizeDCM-C250F2DCM-C250GDCM-C250H
Rated output power (KW)303337
Rated speed(rpm)200015002000
Rated torque(N.m)143.25210.1176.7
The max torque (N.m)286.5420.2353.4
Adaptive driver model

According to customer’s requirement

Frame sizeDCM-C250IDCM-C250J
Rated output power (KW)4045
Rated speed(rpm)20002000
Rated torque(N.m)191214.9
The max torque (N.m)382429.8

Packaging Detail:wooden packing
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after receiving your remittance

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