carpet dyeing machine

250 500 800 1000 SORTS., 1000-----WIDE:4900 LONG:3200 HIGH:3900 RATE:1:6-10 - details see:
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:SAN ZHOU  
carpet dyeing machine
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Depending on the carpet structure .a liquor ratio of 1:13 to 1:19 is used.This means a reductionof 30-40% in fresh water ,wastewater ,energy requirements for heating and cool-ing .and non pigment relate auxil-iaries.

The special trough shape and the arrangement of the extraction facili-ties in the liquor circulation system ensure great flexibility with regard to loading .In the range maximum liquor content minus 40%,small batches are dyed with approximate-ly the same liquor ratio as for maxi-mum load ,without changing the recipe (reproducibility!).

Level shades on both sides are no problem at all,as the liquor return into the machine from the circulation system is adjustable over the entire width of the machine.

With a maximum fabric speed of 100 m/min,level end-to-end dyeing is ensured even for large batches of up to 400 running meters,and even in cases of critical shades using metal complex dyestuffs.

Ground-level machine installation means that allassemblies are easily accessible.No expensive machine pits or recesses are required.

Thehot dischargeprocess compris-es the cooling,rinsing and discharge processes in a single operation.The carpet is discharget at a aped of 20m/min.The carpet is also dewatered and rests on the plaiter trolley with a resid-ual moisture content of 40-60%,de-pending on carper structure and dye-ing temperature.

No tailing of shades during dis-charging;the carpet lies read on the trolley as specified.No change of shade or bleeding of the carpet on the plaiter trolley in prod ucts dyed with a large proportion of basic dyestuffs.In the subsequent drying process it is frequently no longer necessary to run the carper through an immersion bath before the dryer.It is sufficient simply to spray it,resulting in a water saving of approximately 50%.

Since this leads to a much lower residual moisture content than after an immersion bath,this means a saving in energy or an increase in speed during the drying process.Standing times recorded for plaited

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