Carding Machines (with chute feeder)

Short flow, smart technology. Particular application to customers with various kinds of materials and small quantity. - details see:
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Carding Machines (with chute feeder)
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It is mainly used for blending medium and short fibers ranging from nature fibers like cotton, cashmere, woolen, silk and flax to artificial fibers and chemical fibers.

simple structure :feeding bucket FB009+

Semi-worsted Carding Machine FB201A

1.Feeding Bucket FB009


Aligned with one feeder, this bucket can function as a semi-worsted production line with a high application in blended materials with single or multiple ingredients. After blended, pre-opened and impurities removed, materials will be turned into even slivers and then fed onto carding machines.

Main Feature

Under the interaction of rollers and spiked lattice, raw materials received on this bucket will be further opened and impurities will be removed

Frequency control of spiked lattice to meet different productivity.

Volumetric vibrating feeder to ensure uniform output

Photocell switch control to avoid discontinuous feeding

Main Parameter and Specification:

Working Width 960mm

Installed Power 1.5KW

Dimension: (L*W*H): 2160 ×1222×2700 (mm3)


2.Semi-worsted Carding Machine FB201A


This machine is used to process cotton and chemical fiber. Twisted cotton or chemical fiber from the front process are basically straightened to single fiber,during that process seeds,impurities and short fiber left from the cleaning process are removed, then the cotton becomes certain count sliver and stored in the coiler for next step.

Main technical parameters and specifications

Productivity 15~30kg/h

Working width 1000mm

Installed power 4.11kw

Space occupation 3684×2009mm

Net weight 4.5T

Packaging Detail:depends
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