Bladdar Accumulators

Weoffer bladder, piston and diaphragm type accumulators in a wide range of sizes, bladder materials, port configurations. - details see:
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Bladdar Accumulators
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Weoffer bladder, piston and diaphragm type accumulators in a wide range of sizes, bladder materials, port configurations and pressure ratings to provide optimum design flexibility. Our accumulators help to achieve improved machine performance, efficiency and reliability while contributing to lower energy costs, reduced noise levels and a reduction in hydraulic system leakage and maintenance costs.

Our accumulators offer customers the following advantages:

• Lower System Installed Costs

Accumulator assisted hydraulics can reduce the size of the pump and electric motor which results in a smaller amount of oil used, a smaller reservoir and reduced cooling capacity

• Reduced Energy Costs

Cost savings up to 33% are achievable in high performance industrial machinery using accumulators.

• Less Leakage & Maintenance Costs

The ability to reduce system shocks will prolong component life, reduce leakage from pipe joints and minimize hydraulic system maintenance costs.

• Improved Performance

Low inertia accumulators can provide instantaneous response time to meet peak flow requirements. They can also help to achieve constant pressure in systems using variable displacement pumps for improved productivity and quality.

• Reduced Noise Levels

Reduced pump and motor size coupled with system shock absorption lowers overall machine sound levels and results in higher operator productivity.

• Flexible Design Approaches

A wide range of accumulator types and sizes, including accessary items, provides a versatile and easy to apply design approach All accumulators meet a 4:1 safety requirement. In addition to the standard products described in this catalog, Eaton has the capability to provide special accumulator shells, bladders and fluid ports to meet specific customer specifications Special coatings can also be provided to resist corrosive

fluids or environments. Please contact your local distributor or Eaton representative to discuss your requirements.

Application Benefits

1. Reduction of installed power.

Using an accumulator as an energy storage device effectively reduces the required flow rate capacity of the hydraulic pump. This results in a reduction of the installed power.

2. Emergency and safety.

An accumulator which is kept fully charged allows for instant and/or repetitive operations

as required (braking, opening of door, etc.).

3. Dampening of pulsation and reduction of noise

In order to dampen pressure changes, which are caused by the pulsation of a pump, an accumulator makes it possible, due to the low inertia of its bladder, to improve the precision of operation and to reduce the sound level of the installation.

4.Thermal expansion.

The pressure differences caused by thermal variation in a closed hydraulic circuit are absorbed by fitting an accumulator.

5. Surge control.

Designed to protect high volume flow systems from surge and water hammer damage. In order to protect the system, an accumulator correctly sized and located in the system transforms pressure wave oscillations into liquid mass oscillations which are easily absorbed by the accumulator, bringing the pressure peak level back to acceptable levels.

6. Suspension of heavy vehicles.

On maintenance machinery, transport platforms etc., an accumulator which is connected

to the suspension chamber acts as an adjustable shock absorber.

The technical specifications are:

Nominal Volume - up to 1000 lpm

Max Working Pressure - up to 1000 bar

Available Elastomers - NBR, ECO, IIR, FKM

Accumulator shell materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium

Anand Sheel Hydraulics markets Accumulators of different types such as :
»Bladder, Diaphragm, welded & piston type.
»Accumulator Batteries.
»Safety block assemblies.
»Nitrogen charging kits.
»Nitrogen boosting units

Packaging Detail:wooden packing
Delivery Detail:1 month

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