beer equipment fliter

Material:stainless steel AISI 304thickness: 3mmInner surface treatment:cold-rolled plates , 2B surface treatment, welds - details see:
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:deyuteProcessing Types:beer
beer equipment fliter
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stainless steel AISI 304
thickness: 3mm
Inner surface treatment:
cold-rolled plates , 2B surface treatment, welds grinded to Ra 0,8µm.
External surface treatment:
cold-rolled plates grinded to SB
Cylinder: 3 cooling-sections
Conical bottom : 1 cooling-section
Working pressure in cooling-sections - 1,5 bar
Polyurethane - thickness 150 mm, density 1,09 g/cm³:
both cylinder and conical bottom
Stainless steel plate - thickness 1,5 mm, both cylinder and conical bottom
Working pressure:
1,5 bar in cylindrical-part (filled-up tank, at 20°C)

Fermenting tank is a vertical vessel for fermentation and maturation of beer. Aerated, cooled down wort to fermentation temperature is transferred to these tanks and then yeast is added. About 2 hours after yeast is added to wort, yeast uses up all free oxygen and begins to transfer sugars contained in wort into ethanol, CO2 and heat. Main fermentation proceeds at 9 - 12°C temperature and is completed within 5 - 7 days. Then it is necessary to lower the temperature to 4°C. During fermentation process, yeast and minute particles settle down in the cone and the recommendation is to remove this sediment daily. After fermentation follows maturation at temperature of 0 to -1°C, beer absorbs CO2, matures in taste and fragrance. The whole process of fermentation and maturation lasts 16 to 20 days.
Stainless steel, vertical, double-walled, insulated, 60 degree cone bottom, dished head, beer fermentation tank.
Cylindrical and conical parts have independent glycol cooling zones controlled by temperature sensors and solenoid valves.
Part of dished head forms oval man way door, safety valve set up at 1.5 bar and sanitation sprayball. Spunding device controlling CO2 level is mounted on the inlet pipe. On the bottom end of tank is sampling cock for taking beer samples. Conical part has bottom outlet yeast removal pipe and outlet for beer transfer to serving tanks. Vessel is supported by 3 tube legs with fully articulating adjustable feet. Tank is also equipped at the top by 2 cable eyes for easier manipulation.

Packaging Detail:iron frame work
Delivery Detail:35days

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